Patch Styles

Aviation Patches

Piper Club Aviation Patch

Aviation is a one-of-a-kind interest and we can help you show your appreciation for it. From wearable patches to display patches, we’ll create something that’s both beautiful and memorable.

Band Patches


From rock to folk to jazz and more, we can help you show your support for your favorite band or artist with custom band patches from American Patch.

Baseball Patches


Whether you want to support your favorite college or professional team or a baseball team of your own, our custom baseball patches can help you do it.

Biker Patches


With hundreds of thread and twill colors, we can help you create your very own custom biker patches that feature your group’s name, mascot, motto, a commemoration, or other details.

Brewery Patches

Brewery Patches

Brewery patches are a great way to not only show pride and support for your company, but to give your customers a creative, artful way to show theirs as well.

EMS Patches

EMS Patches

We know that as an EMS member, your patch is an important part of your uniform. Let us help you design one that not only represents you, but represents what you do as well.

Flag Patches

EMS Patches

Flag patches are a great way to celebrate heritage, support a country, or simply add a unique look to your clothing. We’ll help you create the perfect one.

Hipster Patches


Want the best way to display your unique, hipster personality? Create your own hipster patches that showcase your favorite hobby, movie, musical artist, trend, and more.

Martial Arts Patches


From karate to jujitsu to taekwondo and more, we can create patches to honor or celebrate any form of martial art. Choose the shape, size, colors, and backing that will fit your needs.

Military Patches


We know that patches are an important part of any military member’s uniform and we can provide custom patches for ranks, outfits, events, remembrances, and more for any branch of the service.

Motorcycle Patches

Motorcycle patch

Nothing says “motorcycle lover” like a bold embroidered patch. At American Patch, we’re happy to create individual or club patches that you can proudly wear, display, or give away.

Police Patches


Police patches are an important part of any officer’s uniform, and with our variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, we can help you design one that is not only detailed, but is long lasting and high quality.

School Patches

School Patches

If you have some school spirit to show, we can create help you design a custom patch that showcases your mascot, school name, the club or sport you’re in, and more.

Scout Patches

Scout Patch

We know how exciting it is to get a new patch for your vest or sash. That’s why we help create Scout patches for every occasion, from challenges to events and more.

Security Guard Patches

Security Patches

Whether you’re a security guard for a school, an event, a bar, a shopping center, or another establishment, we can create a bold, detailed patch for you to wear proudly on your uniform.

Soccer Patches


When it comes to sports patches, soccer patches are some of our most popular. Whether your team is on a local, scholastic, collegiate, or professional level, you can design your very own patch to unite your team members.

Sports Patches

Sports Patch

From soccer to baseball to football and more, our sports patches are the perfect way to unite a team, commemorate a player, or remember a moment. Let us help you make your season special.