Felt Patches

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Whether you want to wear your team logo with pride or mark your clothing with your initials or player number, felt patches from American Patch allow you to express your team spirit with a simple design that looks great on any sweater, varsity jacket, or company polo.

At American Patch, we can create a custom felt patch for any purpose to help you and your team members show off what makes you amazing. Whether you are hitting home runs, riding motorcycles into the sunset, or smashing sales as a business team, felt patches offer a timeless design that adds the perfect final touch to your clothing, and they make excellent small gifts for any of life’s celebrations.

Sample Felt Patches

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Your custom patches can be given out at conferences to promote your business or be worn exclusively by members of your organization. There’s a felt patch perfect for any occasion. Get a free quote today to get started!

Pricing for Custom Patches

*Custom patches pricing provided on an individual basis and will be completed upon request.

Additional Ordering Information:

  • Size = Square inches (2×4 = 8 sq. in.)
  • Round fractions up to next size
  • Circles are figured as squares for sizing
  • Certain non-symmetrical shapes cannot have the traditional merrowed edge
  • Sizes under 1 1/2 at the smallest dimension cannot have the traditional merrowed edge
  • Cancellation charge applies