Custom Embroidered Patches

At American Patch, the most popular type of patches we create are our traditional custom embroidered patches. We use high-quality twill and threads to create a bold, strong patch that can be used for any purpose. With countless twill and thread colors (including glow in the dark) and virtually every shape and size to choose from, we can help you make your own one-of-a-kind custom patches.

We include up to 8 thread colors at no extra charge! Our custom embroidered patches are 100% customizable from the design to the backing to the borders. We’re proud to only offer the highest quality products which are machine washable, able to be dry cleaned, shrink proof, and extremely durable. Reach out today for your free quote to get started!

Sample Embroidered Patches

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Embroidery Coverage Examples

Our embroidered patch pricing is based on the amount of embroidery that covers the patch. We commonly create patches with 50% coverage, 75% coverage, and 100% coverage. Find out how much yours requires or reach out for a free quote today and we can help you determine it.

Custom Embroidered Patches Coverage

Custom Embroidered Patches Pricing

50% Coverage

50% Embroidery Coverage Pricing

75% Coverage

75% Embroidery Coverage Pricing

100% Coverage

100% Embroidery Coverage Pricing

Why Choose American Patch?

American Patch is proud to be a wholly female-owned business. We’ve been creating custom embroidered patches since 2000, and our dedicated team has seen and done it all. Whether you’re looking for a large embroidered patch to feature on the back of your biker vest or a small embroidered patch featuring your logo to attach to your employees’ uniforms, we’re able to help.

We’re happy to provide you with a free quote to discuss your specific design and provide recommendations about what may look best. Unlike other custom patch companies, we provide a free sample for each order instead of a graphic rendering so you can see what your embroidered patch will look like once it’s made. We offer quick turnaround times, premium quality, and courteous customer service all day, every day.

Perks of Our Embroidered Patches

  • Free Quote
  • Free Sample
  • Premium Quality
  • Free U.S. Shipping
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Any Shape or Size
  • Competitive Prices
  • Great Customer Service

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Benefits of Embroidered Patches

If you’re having a hard time choosing between custom embroidered patches and other types such as woven, dye sublimation, PVC, leather, felt, or a different type of custom patch then we can help. What should ultimately dictate your decision is your design and your personal preferences. Embroidered patches have thicker threads and are perfect for designs that aren’t overly complex. They are ideal for logo patches if you’re going for a more traditional look or for badge or morale patches for police officers, security guards, military units, fire departments, EMTs, and more.

If you have large bold letters in your design embroidered patches may also be the best choice. The other perk of custom embroidered patches is that they’re ideal for any backing type. Whether you want to iron on your patches, sew them, stick them, attach them with Hook & Loop, or pin them this type of patch lends itself to a variety of fun options.

Order Your Custom Embroidered Patches Today

Are you ready to get started and order your custom embroidered patches? Simply reach out to American Patch today to request a free quote. We’re more than happy to provide design advice and let you know whether or not we think an embroidered patch would be ideal for your artwork.