Dye Sublimation Patches

We realize that some patches require a large amount of detail, which is why we offer a technique called dye sublimation. Because embroidered and woven patches use threads, some intricate designs can’t be created as clearly as we’d like. With our dye sublimation technique, we use special dyes that bond to fabric molecules, which means we can create detailed patches that are nearly photographic in quality.

  • Size = Square inches (2×4 = 8 sq. in.)
  • Round fractions up to next size
  • Circles are figured as squares for sizing
  • No limit on the number of colors
  • Your choice of embroidered border color
  • Price includes heat seal backing
  • Certain non-symetrical shapes cannot have the traditional merrowed edge
  • Sizes under 1 1/2 at the smallest dimension cannot have the traditional merrowed edge
  • Delivery is 4-5 weeks from receipt of order with acceptable artwork.
  • Cancellation charge applies

Sample Patches

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SizeSq. Inches10020030050010002500
2" x 2"4 sq.in$3.25$2.24$1.60$1.24$0.90$0.74
2" x 3"6 sq.in$3.63$2.48$1.76$1.34$0.98$0.82
2" x 4"8 sq.in$3.97$2.74$1.92$1.50$1.12$0.90
3" x 3"9 sq.in$4.11$2.98$1.98$1.60$1.20$0.98
3" x 4"12 sq.in$4.31$3.28$2.16$1.70$1.30$1.18
4" x 4"16 sq.in$4.62$3.48$2.36$1.84$1.40$1.28