Dye Sublimation & Embroidery Combination Patches

Do you love the traditional look of an embroidered patch but want to include more detail in your design? We’re proud to introduce our dye sublimation & embroidery combination patches! With these patches, you can combine the best of both worlds. We can help you create a patch with depth that also boasts a photo-like quality.

Our experts can use techniques like layering dye sublimation over an embroidered patch or incorporating embroidery into a dye sublimated patch to give you the unique look you want. And with our variety of backing options, you can easily sew, iron on, or display these patches for any occasion.

  • Minimum order of 100 patches
  • Same available backings as our embroidered patches
  • A 300 dpi image is required (JPEG preferred)

Sample Combination Patches

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Pricing for Combination Patches

Pricing is available upon request.