Embroidered Patches


Our embroidered patches are created by stitching various thread colors onto a substrate fabric. They can be made in virtually any shape or size and can be replicated from any artwork design or patch sample.

Dye Sublimation Patches


Our dye sublimation patches are created by using a more modern form of technology. Each molecule of the patch’s fabric background is colored with a special dye that bonds to the fabric. These patches can be dyed virtually any color or shade and produce an image that is almost photographic in quality.

Combination Patches

Combination Patch Sample 1

With our dye sublimation & embroidery combination patches, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Get the traditional look of embroidery with the detail of dye sublimation to create a beautiful, unique look for your patches.

Bullion Crests


Our embroidered bullion crests are individually made by meticulous craftsmen and incorporate gold and silver bullion wire along with hand-stitched embroidery. These patches are often coveted by private societies, fraternal organizations, golf clubs, and other organizations that require fine insignia.

Woven Patches


Our woven patches are created by weaving various colors of yarn together on a loom. Because they don’t use substrate fabric, they are thinner and allow for finer detail. Each woven patch can be made in virtually any shape or size and is finished with a merrowed or laser-cut border.

Blank Patches


We can manufacture blank patches to your specifications (at a minimum of 100 identical pieces) and with your choice of backing. You can mix and match twills and threads to meet your design needs.

Quality Garments


A wide selection of shirts, caps and other garments is available to our customers through Feel free to browse this resource to find the products that you need at wholesale prices. Just let us know what you’d like and we’ll arrange for your shipment to coordinate with your patch purchase.