Custom Wedding Patches

If you’re looking for a unique and lasting way to celebrate your wedding, custom wedding patches are an excellent idea, and no one does premium custom patches quite like American Patch. We are a wholly female-owned business with more than two decades of experience delivering great customer service and making custom patches that create enduring memories.

Custom Wedding Patches

A World of Unique Possibilities

People getting married are always seeking fun and interesting ways to celebrate their weddings in a manner that reflects their personalities, and wedding patches are a novel way to do that. Some couples have used them to decorate the reception venue. Others have added them to wedding gift bags, and you can create unique patches for certain groups, such as the bridesmaids and groomsmen. One of the more interesting ideas we’ve encountered is a bride who had hero patches made in advance of the wedding and would hand them out as thank yous to those who had come through for her.

Many Design Possibilities Too

Your options when it comes to designing your wedding patches extend beyond your unique design. There are various patch types available, including chenille, leather, woven, and embroidered patches. You can also select the backing type, such as plastic or pinned, along with a wide range of twills, threads, and colors.

Custom Music Patches

Wedding Planning Can Be Stressful

We know firsthand that planning a wedding can be stressful and take a lot out of you, and American Patch is here to relieve at least a little of that pressure. We’ll make designing and receiving your patches a breeze, and if you need some ideas, we can help with that as well. We think adding dates, names, and any attributes that make your union unique are great additions to wedding patches.

Our Goal at American Patch

We want to deliver the highest-quality wedding patches available. American Patch wants to give you excellent value for your money and deliver a custom patch that will stand the test of time, celebrate your wedding in the way it deserves, and put a smile on your face whenever you see it.

Why Choose American Patch?

Choose American Patch because we have years of experience making custom patches and wedding patches in particular. We’re never going to accept anything less than your complete satisfaction in achieving your vision, and then, we’re going to make your patches with perfection and ensure that they get to you on time.

How to Order Your Custom Wedding Patches

American Patch wants planning your wedding to be convenient and joyous. The last thing we want to do is make ordering your wedding patches an inconvenience. We’ve broken the process down into just a handful of simple steps, and if at any point you have questions or need professional guidance, our team is here to help. Once you have a design for your patch, use the form on this webpage to send it to us along with the important details, such as the patch and backing types. We’ll provide you with an estimate within a business day, and if you choose to move forward, we’ll get working on a patch sample right away.

Get a Free Quote

We provide custom quotes without charge or obligation. You can request your quote through the form on this page by providing us with the necessary details. We typically respond to quote requests within a single business day, but if you want a faster response, feel free to call once the details are submitted.

Confirm with Our Team

If you choose to accept the quote we’ve given you, American Patch will send you written confirmation of the order, which we can do via email or fax. We will need your billing information at this time, but for orders less than $1,000, we won’t actually charge you until we ship the wedding patches.

Receive Your Patch Sample

Our custom patch team will create a sample of your patch. We’ll then email you a high-resolution scan of it. This is the period during which you can make any necessary tweaks and ensure that your custom patch is perfect. Once you give us your final approval, we’ll get started on making your order.

Custom Patch Shipment

All of our custom patches are shipped from our Pennsylvania facility. We’ll ship directly to your door at the address of your choosing. How long it takes from sample approval to order arrival depends upon the order specifics, but it usually takes between three and six weeks.

Celebrate Your Wedding with Custom Wedding Patches

Cherish your special day with the help of American Patch. It’s a decision you won’t regret. Get started using the form on this page, call us, or contact us online for additional information.