Police Patches

As a police officer, we know your badge is one of the most important elements of your uniform. We also know your embroidered patches can serve other important purposes; police patches are not only used as a symbol of authority, but they’re also used to showcase what city or township an officer serves. Many times, a police patch displays a great amount of detail. Designs like logos, flags, symbols, seals, and other features can be intricate.

We can create custom patches that not only display details clearly, but also retain their quality. We offer embroidered, woven, and dye sublimated (printed) patches to meet any and all design requirements.

Sample Police Patches

While both our embroidered and woven police patches use thread to detail a design, our dye sublimated patches are created by dying specific molecules of a patch substrate in order to create a specific look. No matter which type of patch you choose, we know you need it to be high quality and fade resistant. At American Patch, we use only the finest materials to create our police patches. With more than 100 thread and twill colors and a variety of shapes and sizes, we can help you create a patch that’s perfect for a uniform, a commemoration, a display, and more.