Custom Music Patches

Music patches are a great way to represent a musical organization or to put your pride in your music on full display, and American Patch specializes in designing personalized patches for our customers that are highly detailed and beautiful and that will stand the test of time. We have created many custom patches over the years for many different groups in a variety of sizes, shapes, patch types, backing types, threads, twills, and colors, and we look forward to working with you to achieve a unique music patch that realizes your vision and makes you proud.

Custom Music Patches

Music Patches for Many Purposes

The music patches we make are versatile and suitable for a wide range of purposes. You can sew them onto clothing, such as marching band jackets or onto the vests worn by a glee club. Student musicians often sew them onto the backpacks and other bags used to carry around their gear. You can even sew them onto instrument cases, and some musicians like to create a tapestry of patches that represent a history of the events they’ve participated in, and there are rock bands and other musical groups who take a similar approach by creating a unique patch for each tour or show that they do.

A Broad Range of High-Quality Materials

American Patch uses only the highest-quality materials available, and we offer many different options so that you can design the perfect music patches for your group. Available patch styles include woven, embroidered, felt, leather, PVC, chenille, dye sublimation, and bullion. You can opt for an unbacked patch or select from a variety of backings, including plastic, heat seal, self-stick, pin, and Hook & Loop. We also offer hundreds of unique thread and twill colors. Choose up to eight unique colors for your music patch at no additional charge, and if more are needed, that is an option as well!

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Even More Reasons to Choose American Patch

The sheer selection of high-quality materials that we offer are just one of the many great reasons to choose us to make your music patches. American Patch is among the leading custom patch manufacturers in the United States. We have extensive industry experience and have developed from a small business into a large company with many employees by delivering superior craftsmanship and exceptional customer service and care to each and every client.

Our Goals at American Patch

Our success over more than 20 years has been predicated on skilled and artistic patch creation, upfront and competitive pricing, and excellence in customer service. We will never waver from that dedication, and as we have grown and our clientele has expanded to include Fortune 500 companies and large government agencies, we have made sure to maintain our high standards no matter the size of the order or the scope of the client.

Custom Music Patches

Steps for Ordering Your Music Patches

American Patch wants to make ordering custom music patches as simple and convenient as possible. It all begins with your patch design, and once you have that ready to go, you can proceed through the four easy steps outlined below. If at any point you have questions, feel free to call or contact us online. Our team is happy to provide whatever professional guidance you may need to make your patch perfect.

Request a Free Quote

American Patch provides accurate custom quotes at no cost and without obligation. To request a quote, complete and submit the form found on this page, and we’ll typically provide you a response in one business day.

Confirm Your Order

If you accept the quote, we’ll confirm your order through your choice of email or fax. This is the step in which you’ll provide us your billing information, but for orders less than $1,000, we do not charge you until we ship.

Approve Your Patch Sample

Our patch makers will create a sample based on the design you’ve provided. We’ll then send you a high-res scan. Our team can make adjustments as needed and will not move forward with manufacturing until you’re completely satisfied

Receive Your Order

Once you’ve signed off on the sample, we’ll begin processing your order at our Pennsylvania facility. Once the order is complete, we’ll ship it to you free, and that entire process takes 3-6 weeks depending on the patch style.

Order Your Custom Music Patches Today

Whatever vision you have in mind for your custom music patch, the team at American Patch can help you realize it, and we welcome the challenge. Get started right now with your new music patches by requesting a quote, or call us today or contact us online if you have any questions at all.