Motorcycle Patches

When you think of embroidered patches, you probably think of motorcycle patches. For decades, motorcycle lovers have been using embroidered patches in a variety of ways. Many use them to show their passion for riding and to unify themselves with other motorcyclists. At American Patch, we can help you create a patch of any size, shape, and color that you’ll be proud to wear.

At American Patch, we use high quality materials to create our motorcycle patches. That means you can wear them on your jacket, hat, pants, or any other article of clothing without worrying about them fraying or fading. Our custom patches are even machine washable. You can bet they’ll stay bold and beautiful for years to come.

Sample Motorcycle Patches

Our experts love creating embroidered motorcycle patches because of their dimensional and traditional look. We use rich colored threads and sturdy backings to create a work of art that’s both durable and impressive. However, if embroidered patches aren’t what you’re looking for, we can also create iron-on patches that are woven and even ones that are dye sublimated. Often times, the type of patch depends on how much detail is in your design. If you are looking for printed or photo quality patches, we would suggest dye sublimated. We’re happy to transform any design you’d like into a patch. Talk to one of our experts today.