Custom Motorcycle Patches

When you think of embroidered patches, you probably think of motorcycle patches. For decades, motorcycle lovers have been using embroidered patches in a variety of ways. Many use them to show their passion for riding and to unify themselves with other motorcyclists. At American Patch, we can help you create a patch of any size, shape, and color that you’ll be proud to wear.

At American Patch, we use high-quality materials to create our motorcycle patches. That means you can wear them on your jacket, hat, pants, or any other article of clothing without worrying about them fraying or fading. Our custom patches are even machine washable. You can bet they’ll stay bold and beautiful for years to come.

Sample Motorcycle Patches

Our experts love creating embroidered motorcycle patches because of their dimensional and traditional look. We use rich colored threads and sturdy backings to create a work of art that’s both durable and impressive. However, if embroidered patches aren’t what you’re looking for, we can also create iron-on patches that are woven and even ones that are dye sublimated. Oftentimes, the type of patch depends on how much detail is in your design. If you are looking for printed or photo-quality patches, we would suggest dye sublimated. We’re happy to transform any design you’d like into a patch. Talk to one of our experts today 1-610-955-4989.

Why American Patch Is the Right Choice

American Patch has more than two decades of industry experience, and we cater to a diverse clientele. They range from small motorcycle groups who’ve needed dozens of motorcycle patches to large event organizers who’ve required thousands and often multiple patches to celebrate various aspects of the rally. We use only premium materials. Each patch is meticulously arranged based on the unique design the customer has provided. Your motorcycle patches will then be manufactured of the highest standards of quality, and then they will be shipped directly to you.

Order Your Custom Motorcycle Patches

Our Goals at American Patch

American Patch began as a single-person enterprise, and we grew into one of the premier patch-making companies in North America because of the quality of our motorcycle patches but also our approach to customer service and care. As we’ve gotten bigger, one of our core goals has been never to lose sight of what made us successful in the first place. Our motto is “any patch for any purpose,” and whether we’re making a small order for a local motorcycle club or a massive order for a prestigious motorcycle rally, we want to deliver high-quality patches that riders will love and take pride in.

How to Order Custom Motorcycle Patches

Our mission is to make ordering custom motorcycle patches easy and convenient, and we’ve organized the process into four simple steps. Follow the steps below, and call us at 1-610-955-4989 or reach out to us through email if you have any questions at all about your order or need professional guidance.

Step 1 — Select a Patch Type

Once you’ve created a design for your motorcycle patches, you need to choose a backing type. An embroidered backing is the most popular option for this kind of patch, but PVC is an excellent choice as well.

Step 2 — Complete a Brief Form for a Free Quote

Fill out the short form found on this page. We just need contact information, and basic details about your order, such as the desired quantity, an image of your design, and the patch characteristics you want.

Step 3 — Review a Sample Patch

Our team will review your order and, if applicable, make recommendations that will make your patch even better. We’ll also give you a quote with no obligation, and if you choose to proceed, we’ll create a sample patch and send you a scan of it for approval.

Step 4 — Finalize Your Order

The sample patch is an opportunity to get everything perfect before committing to the order. Once you approve it, we’ll need your billing information, but we won’t charge you on orders less than $1,000 until we ship. Next, your patches will be manufactured and shipped directly to you, which takes between three and six weeks in all.

Order Your Motorcycle Patches from American Patch Today

American Patch welcomes the opportunity to make motorcycle patches that you’ll be proud of for many years to come. Request your free quote today, and feel free to call 1-610-955-4989 if you have any questions at all about ordering or want advice about designing your patch.