Army Patches

US Army Airborne PatchThe U.S. Army has served with heroism around the world, and the patches that adorn your uniform are a display of your bravery and dedication to keep Americans safe. Army patches can show your assigned mission, brigade, division, heritage, rank and more. They also show that you take pride in your commitment and can even enhance camaraderie. However, you don’t have to be in the Army to need patches. You might wish to honor a family member or fallen loved one with decorated mementos.

American Patch can create custom Army patches for any purpose or occasion. Whether you need them for uniforms or accessories, such as hats, duffel bags or tote bags, we know the importance of having durable yet beautiful custom patches. We can even make patches for you to display in a showcase or frame. Using the best twill and threads, we make sure that they’re clear and easy to read as well as bold. We use a variety of backing types and ensure that your patches don’t fray or fade over time so that they last for years to come.

Sample Army Patches

At American Patch, we offer a variety of patch types. The most common custom Army patches we create are traditional embroidered patches, but we also create woven and dye sublimated patches. Our traditional embroidered patches have the appearance of classic stitching and offer depth. Our woven patches have a more seamless appearance, while our dye sublimated patches create a near photo-quality image, which is perfect for printed or photo patches. Whichever type you choose will depend on the amount of detail and presentation that you want.

Do you need help deciding which Army patches are right for your clothing or accessories? American Patch has been creating high-quality custom patches for more than 20 years. Our mission is to make sure that you choose the right patches for your needs and that those patches look their best. Request a free quote today so that we can help you decide how to show your pride.