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The United States Army has served with heroism around the world, and the patches that adorn your uniform are a display of your bravery and dedication to keeping Americans safe. Custom Army patches from American Patch can show your assigned mission, brigade, division, rank and more. They also show that you take pride in your commitment and can even enhance camaraderie. However, you don’t have to be in the Army to need patches. You might wish to honor a family member or fallen loved one with decorated mementos. Reach out to American Patch now for a free quote for your custom Army patches. We’re proud to help military members and veterans each and every day.

Custom Army Patches

American Patch can create custom Army patches for you. Whether you need them for uniforms or accessories, such as hats, duffel bags or tote bags, we know the importance of having durable yet beautiful custom patches. We can even make patches for you to display in a showcase or frame. Using the best twill and threads, we make sure that they’re clear and easy to read as well as bold. You can choose from a variety of backing types to ensure that your patches don’t fray or fade over time so that they last for years to come.

Sample Army Patches

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At American Patch, we offer a variety of patch types. The most common custom Army patches we create are traditional embroidered patches, but we also create woven and dye sublimated patches. Our traditional embroidered Army patches have the appearance of classic stitching and offer depth. Our woven patches have a more seamless appearance, while our dye sublimated patches create a near photo-quality image, which is perfect for photo patches. Whichever patch type you choose will depend on the amount of detail and presentation that you want for your custom Army patches.

Why Choose American Patch?

American Patch has strived to become the most trusted company to create and produce military and morale patches. Our company is dedicated to providing superior quality patches to servicemembers and veterans. Our custom Army patches are made using high-quality materials to create accurate and detailed patches.

We are very proud of all the patches we produce, and we know that you will be satisfied with our work. Our turnaround time on your custom Army patches is very quick, and we offer FREE shipping anywhere in the United States. We will gladly provide you with an actual patch sample before we process your order, not just a graphic rendering, so that you will know exactly what you will receive when your order arrives.

How To Order Custom Army Patches

Ordering custom Army patches from American Patch is very easy. All you need to do is follow the steps below, and we will get the process started for you immediately. If you have any questions about your artwork, the type of backing material you should use, or any general question, please feel free to contact us. We will gladly answer all of your questions and help you with your order.

Step 1 – Select Type of Patch

The first thing that you will need to do is select the type of backing for your custom Army patches. Traditional Army patches are embroidered. However, PVC patches have become increasingly popular with the military because of their durability in all types of weather. Once you make your selection, you will move to the next step.

Step 2 – Request a Free Quote

Using free quote form you will fill in all necessary information about your patch. State the number of custom patches you will need, the date you will need them, and the materials you would like to use. You will also submit a copy of your artwork at this time.

Step 3 – You’ll Hear From Us

Once we have reviewed all of the information, we will contact you with the quote, make any recommendations that could help with your order, and begin the process of creating your free sample patch.

Step 4 – Approve The Patch

We will show you an actual sample of your Army patch for you to review. If you are satisfied, let us know, and we will begin processing your order. We believe that our customers are more satisfied when they can see a sample than just an artistic rendering of the custom patch.

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Do you need help deciding which Army patches are right for your clothing or accessories? American Patch has been creating high-quality custom patches for more than 20 years. Our mission is to make sure that you choose the right patches for your needs and that those patches look their best. Request a free quote today so that we can help you decide how to show your pride!