Hipster Patches

Today, the word “hipster” means “a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.” At American Patch, we can create hipster patches that represent the hipster lifestyle. They are the perfect way to display your unique style. Our iron on patches make great accents for your pants, jacket, tote bag, hat, sneakers, and more.

Our patch company creates custom patches using three different methods: embroidery, weaving, and dye sublimation (printed patches). Each one uses bold, bright colors and the best in twills, threads, and dyes. We make our hipster patches both beautiful and durable. Whether you like the traditional dimension of embroidered patches, the sleek thinness of woven patches, or the fine detail of dyed patches, we can make it happen.

Sample Hipster Patches

Hipster patches can be a fabulous way to display your personality. With our wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, we can help you do it. We can create embroidered patches that showcase hobbies, bands, movies, animals, phrases, symbols, and more. This will give you an easy way to stand out. And with our variety of backings, you can attach your patches with little effort and enjoy them for years to come. Step outside the cultural mainstream. Design your very own hipster patches for yourself, your friends, your family members, and more.