Custom Fishing Patches

If you’re interested in purchasing custom fishing patches, American Patch is here to help. We are among the premier custom patch manufacturers in the United States and have more than two decades of experience making patches that exceed our customers’ expectations and stand the test of time.

Custom Fishing Patches

Fishing Patches: A Storied Tradition

Patches have been an integral aspect of the American fishing tradition for as long as anyone can remember. Vintage fishing patches are a hot commodity in the community, and many anglers collect them. It’s also common among sportsmen to embroider their vests, jackets, and gear with these patches, which you can also adhere to tackle boxes and other gear. Fishing patches are a fun way to show off the areas you’ve fished, the events you’ve participated in, and the gear you use.

Commemorate with Custom Fishing Patches

Fishing instruction schools often award fishing patches to students who’ve completed their courses and dress their instructors in them in order to indicate their achievements. Tournaments often award custom patches not only to commemorate the event and to let you show off your participation, but special patches for those that won and came close in the various categories. You can also choose your patches to show off the various fish that you’ve caught and even indicate their weights.

Order Your Custom Fishing Patches

Design Your Perfect Patch

American Patch provides you with many ways to customize your custom fishing patches beyond just the layout. You’ll get to choose the patch type. Your options include embroidered, woven, dye sublimated, and more, and our team can help you choose the type that best complements your design. We also offer a range of backing types and various twills and threads in many different colors.

Why You Should Choose American Patch

Choose American Patch for your custom patches because we use premium materials and deliver superior workmanship with each and every order no matter how small. We offer competitive prices, deliver on time, stand behind our work, and offer all the assistance you need to achieve your perfect patch.

Our Goals at American Patch

Our business was founded on the motto “any patch for any purpose.” We began as a single-person operation, and as we’ve grown, we’ve worked hard never to lose sight of what made us successful in the first place. You deserve our best each and every time, and we’re going to deliver.

Custom Fishing Patches

How to Order Custom Fishing Patches

Ordering your custom fishing patches should be as simple and convenient as possible. In order to ensure that it is, we’ve streamlined the process into four easy steps.

1. Request a Free Quote

Once you have a design for your patch, use the brief form on our website to request a custom quote. In addition to the design, we need contact information and some basic details about your patch. We’ll then provide you a quote within one business day, or you call us as soon as the details are submitted.

2. Confirm Your Order

If you’re as thrilled with the quote as we think you’ll be, you can accept it. We’ll require billing information at this point but won’t charge you until shipment on orders less than $1,000, and American Patch will send you confirmation of the order through your choice of email or fax.

3. Approve Your Patch Sample

Based on your design, we’ll create a patch sample and send you a high-resolution scan of it. This is your opportunity to tweak the sample and get your patch just right, and when you’re completely satisfied with the prototype, give us the go-ahead, and we’ll begin manufacturing your order.

4. Receive Your Order

Once your order is complete, we’ll ship your fishing patches from our facility to the residential or commercial address of your choosing. From the point of ordering to the moment you receive your custom patches, the entire process typically takes between three and six weeks.

Show Your Passion for Angling with Custom Fishing Patches

Fishing patches are a great way to expand the wonderful hobby of angling, and American Patch is here to help ensure that each and every patch you design is the perfect catch. Request your free quote today, or call us with any questions.