Custom Fire Department Patches

At American Patch, we know fire department patches are an important part of any fireman’s uniform. That’s why we’re here to help you create your very own custom version. Whether you want sew or iron on fire department patches in the shape of a classic Maltese (or Florian) cross, something basic like an oval or rectangle, a badge, or something completely different, we’ve got you covered. Many of our custom fire department patches include traditional symbols. These include a fireman’s hat, engine, a ladder, a hose, a hydrant, and more. You can design custom patches for your fire department that include any or all of these symbols. We can also include things like your station number, your city or town, your state, or your overall region to help people identify your location.

We know every fire department needs custom patches that are extremely durable. Whether you’re looking to create custom fire department patches for companies in Baltimore, Chicago, Jersey City, San Francisco, or anywhere else in the country, American Patch as you covered. We can also create custom patches for fire rescue teams. Contact us today for a free quote!

Custom Fire Department Patches

Sample Fire Department Patches

Wearable patches are our most popular kind of fire department patch. However, we can also create commemorative or celebratory patches that you can use for display. We offer a wide variety of patch backings, thread colors, shapes, and sizes to make your custom fire department patches one-of-a-kind. Talk to one of our experts today to find out which patch type is right for you. Once you’ve decided on whether you’d like embroidered, woven, or dye sublimated patches, we’ll get started. Once we finish designing your fire department patch, we’ll send you a free sample for approval. Take a look at some of our favorite custom fire department patches we’ve ever made.

Order Your Custom Fire Department Patches

Purchase Your Custom Fire Department Patches In Bulk

We know every member of your fire department is going to want to wear the custom patches you order with pride. When you order you patches in bulk you can be sure you’re receiving the best deal available and that you’ll have plenty of extra patches to sew or iron on to new uniforms as new firefighters join the company. Give us a call at 1-610-955-4989 to discuss how to buy bulk fire department patches quickly and easily.

Why Choose American Patch?

With a name like American Patch, we’re very proud to say that many fire departments around the country attach our patches to their uniforms. It’s important to us to continue to provide the same high quality patches we’ve become known for. They’ll stand up to anything, even emergencies, and your washing machine and dryer is no match for them. Want to know more about why you should pick American Patch over any other company for your custom fire department patches? Contact us today and you’ll see that our customer service is truly second to none. We’ll work with you to make sure your patches turn out exactly how you envisioned.

Benefits of Our Fire Department Patches

  • Fast Turnaround
  • Free U.S. Shipping
  • Any Shape or Size
  • Free Quote
  • Free Sample
  • Premium Quality

We Can Help Bring Your Firefighter Patches To Life

Are you planning on creating your custom fire department patches from an existing design? We can help provide recommendations on whether an embroidered, woven, or dye sublimated patch would be better depending on the level of detail in your artwork. We’re also experts at modernizing designs to bring them into the 21st century. Since 2000 we’ve been dedicating our lives to providing the highest quality fire department, police, and military patches on the market. Reach out now to see why we’re the most trusted name in custom badge patches.

Order Your Custom Fire Department Patches Today

Ordering your fire department patches is easy with the help of American Patch. Once you’ve selected a design you’d like to feature on every member of your company’s uniforms, simply fill out our free quote form to get started. We’ll need to know what type of patch you want and how many you need. We’ll be in touch to discuss any modifications that may be necessary to ensure you end up with the best custom patches possible and then we’ll send over a free sample for you to approve.

We know most patch companies simply create a graphic rendering, but we find those to be inaccurate and want you to be able to approve the exact fire department patch you’ll be receiving. Once approved we’ll get right to work on your order and will ship it to you for free as long as you live within the United States. Don’t wait, order your custom firefighter patches now!