Custom Camping Patches

Camping patches are a fun and lasting way to show and celebrate your love of the great outdoors, and if you’d like to design your own, American Patch is here to help. Our company is among the premier patch manufacturers in America, and we make high-quality patches from premium materials that breathe life into our customers’ designs.

Custom Camping Patches

The Popularity of Camping Patches

The first use of camping patches likely dates back to the original Scouts who continue to use them today as a way to commemorate their various camping trips and also allow the individual scouts to show off their participation. But the prevalence of such patches now extends far beyond the Scouts. Many camping enthusiasts, and in particular those who camp as part of a club or other group, use these patches to celebrate their annual camping trips and showcase locations, dates, and other important information.

How You Can Use Custom Camping Patches

There are many different ways that you can present and collect your camping patches. Apply patches to camping vests but also hats and jackets. Many enthusiasts apply them to their backpacks as those are always with them. Duffel bags are also an option in addition to blankets. If you like the idea of collecting your patches, they can be applied to boards that are then framed, or you can attach them to flags or banners that are flown at your campsites.

Premium Materials for Your Custom Patches

When it comes to designing your custom camping patches, you not only get to choose the graphics but the many other characteristics associated with your patch. Popular patch styles include woven, embroidered, and dye sublimated. You can also choose from a selection of backing types, twills, threads, and colors, and if you need assistance making the perfect choices, we’re happy to help.

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Why You Should Choose American Patch

At American Patch, designing and manufacturing custom patches is all we do. We have a passion for it. Our company only uses the best materials available, and our manufacturing process has been proven and refined as we’ve evolved from a one-person enterprise to a much bigger operation. Our motto remains the same—any patch for any purpose—and we deliver the same superior quality and customer service whether you represent a Fortune 500 company or are just ordering 20 patches for personal use.

Our Goals at American Patch

We want every customer who orders patches from us to be thrilled with the finished product, and we work very hard to ensure that each and every client is. It’s why we work closely with our customers to ensure that they’re making the right choices and that they’re excited about every aspect of the sample that we’ve provided before moving on to manufacturing and shipment.

Custom Camping Patches

How to Order Custom Camping Patches

Ordering custom camping patches from American Patch is simple and convenient. Once you have the design that you want to transform into a custom patch, you can follow the four easy steps below, and if you have any questions before that, we’ll be happy to answer them when you call us at 1-610-955-4989.

1. Request a Free Quote

American Patch provides quotes for both small and large orders at no charge. Request your custom quote by completing the brief form on this page with your design, patch type, and other choices.

2. Receive Written Confirmation

You should receive your custom quote within a business day. If you accept it, we’ll send confirmation via email or fax. We do request billing info at this point but don’t charge until shipment unless the order is more than $1,000.

3. Approve the Patch Sample

The next step is for our team to create a patch sample, which we’ll send to you as a hi-res image. This is the phase where we can make adjustments and get your patch just right.

4. Receive Your Custom Patches

Once you’ve approved the sample, we’ll begin making your camping patches, and when the order is completed, we’ll ship it to your home or business, which usually takes three to six weeks depending on patch type.

Get Started With Your Custom Patches Today

Custom camping patches are a great way to celebrate your passion and a smart idea that you won’t regret. Complete the form here on this page for your free quote, or call 1-610-955-4989 or contact us online if you have any additional questions.