Brewery Patches

At American Patch, we love creating custom patches for businesses. Our patches give owners and employees a way to show their support and pride for the business. In addition, they can also promote their name and their products. When it comes to the beer industry, brewery patches are a creative way to reach out to customers and grow your popularity.

If you’re involved in a brewery, we can help you create a one-of-a-kind patch. We can showcase your logo, your company name, your location, a specific beer, or any other element of your business. We have hundreds of twill and thread colors available and can create embroidered patches of any shape or size. No matter what you want to accomplish, we can help.

Sample Brewery Patches

Many people opt for the traditional look of our embroidered patches. At American Patch, we sew different colored threads onto a substrate to create these iron on patches. We also offer woven patches that use different colored threads sewn together to create a patch. We also offer dye sublimated patches that feature dye instead of thread. Ideal for printed or photo patches. Which you choose depends on your personal preference and how much detail you want your patch to have; finer details are better accomplished through weaving or dying.