Custom Embroidered Patch Border

Choose the Right Border for Your Patches

Crafting a personalized patch serves as an excellent method to promote your business, commemorate a special event, or represent a group or cause. American Patch provides a platform for creating custom patches for any occasion. After designing your patch, the next step involves selecting the appropriate border for your custom embroidered patches.

What Types of Patch Borders Are Available

When ordering a custom patch from us, the final touch for your patch design revolves around the choice of the border. There are three popular border types available for your patches, and we will gladly help you choose the border that will work best with your design and complete the finished look you are going for.

Merrowed Border

Merrowed Border Option

Often referred to as the overlock stitch border, the merrowed border involves wrapping thread around the patch’s edges to bestow it with a distinctive appearance. This border type is the most prevalent choice for embroidered and dye sublimation patches and proves particularly suitable for patches with basic shapes and designs. Many opt for a standard color for the embroidered patch border to complement the shape and design, making it a cost-effective choice.

Stitched Border

Stitched Border Option

The stitched edge differs from a binding stitch such as a merrow; it can be customized to any size required by the customer, unlike the merrowed edge, which is typically standardized at 1/8” thickness and applied post-production using a different machine. Stitched edges are particularly suitable for embroidered patches cut into specific shapes, similar to the one depicted in the custom made patch above.

Laser-Cut Border

Laser-Cut Border Option

Laser-cut borders are ideal for patches featuring unique shapes or designs with less than 100% embroidery coverage. The precision of laser cutting or satin stitching in these borders both protects the patch and accentuates its distinctive shape or design without overwhelming its overall look. Laser-cut borders are ultra-thin and seamlessly integrate into any material. While slightly pricier than merrowed borders, they enhance the appearance of patches with unique shapes.

Why Choose American Patch for Your Custom Patches

American Patch stands as a premier provider of custom patch services, offering the widest array of shapes, colors, and sizes in the market. Whatever your patch needs may be, we have the capability to fulfill them. Our team is readily available to address any inquiries, ranging from selecting the appropriate embroidered patch border for custom embroidered patches to order processing times.

Custom Made Patches

Types of Patches We Create

At American Patch, we create custom patches for any purpose, in any shape or size. We offer premium quality embroidered patches, iron-on patches, woven patches, and many other styles to meet all of your needs.

Embroidered Patches

Our custom embroidered patches are meticulously crafted by sewing a variety of thread colors onto a fabric substrate. These patches exude a classic appearance characterized by boldness and depth. They can be fashioned into virtually any shape or size, faithfully replicating artwork designs or existing patch samples.

Woven Patches

American Patch specializes in creating woven patches by intertwining an array of yarn colors on a loom. Since they forego the use of a fabric substrate, these patches possess a thinner profile, allowing for intricate detailing. Each custom woven patch can be tailored to your preferred shape and size, finished with either a merrowed or laser-cut border.

Dye Sublimation Patches

For our dye sublimation patches, we employ a contemporary technological approach. These patches are essentially printed patches, where each molecule of the patch’s fabric background is saturated with a special dye that forms a lasting bond. This results in patches that can be dyed in virtually any color or shade, producing images of nearly photographic quality.

Felt Patches

Our custom felt patches are entirely customizable, featuring an extensive array of felt and thread colors. Whether you desire a simple or intricate design, we can create the perfect iron-on felt patch in your preferred size and shape.

PVC Patches

PVC patches, crafted by American Patch, are waterproof, three-dimensional, modern, and highly durable. They are the preferred choice for military applications and outdoor use, ensuring they maintain their quality for years to come, regardless of the intended purpose.

Leather Patches

Custom leather patches represent a contemporary and stylish means to connect with your customer base. Ideal for promoting logos or brands on various items like hats, jackets, and bags, these patches offer a range of backing options to suit your preferences.

Chenille Patches

Our custom chenille patches are produced using a raised yarn weave, resulting in a plush three-dimensional design suitable for letterman jackets and other school-related patches. These patches can be tailored to nearly any shape or size, with various backing options available.

Blank Patches

We have the capability to manufacture blank patches to your precise specifications, with a minimum order quantity of 100 identical pieces. You have the flexibility to mix and match twills and threads to fulfill your unique design requirements.

Bullion Crest Patches

Our embroidered bullion crests are individually handcrafted by skilled artisans. They involve a combination of gold and silver bullion wire, complemented by hand-stitched embroidery. These patches are a favored choice among private societies, fraternal organizations, golf clubs, and other entities seeking fine insignia.

Combination Patches

Our combination patches seamlessly blend the intricate detailing of dye sublimation with the timeless charm of custom embroidered patches, offering the best of both worlds. These patches deliver a unique and visually appealing appearance.

Get a Quote for Your Custom Patches Today

American Patch distinguishes itself by providing a free sample of your patch design prior to production, in contrast to many other patch companies that only offer artistic renderings. We want to ensure you have a precise understanding of your patch’s appearance, down to the embroidered patch border before production. We offer free quotes and shipping within the United States. If you’re ready to create your custom patch, don’t hesitate to request your free quote today.