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High-Quality Custom Woven Patches

For intricate designs and fine lettering, woven patches stand out as the optimal choice. While traditional embroidered patches can achieve a commendable level of detail, our weaving technique surpasses these capabilities. Our personalized woven patches are meticulously crafted by interlacing threads to form the patch, diverging from the conventional method of embroidering threads onto a substrate. This innovative approach enables us to achieve a superior level of detail without compromising quality. Furthermore, your patch will exhibit a thinner and more flexible profile.

When you contact American Patch for your customized woven patches, you get the flexibility to select from various backing types, including iron-on, Hook & Loop, and more. Pricing details are available upon request, and your design can incorporate up to 8 thread colors at no additional charge. Take the first step by requesting a free quote today.

Woven Patch Samples

What are Woven Patches?

Woven patches are a unique form of textile decoration created by intricately weaving threads together to form a design. Unlike traditional embroidered patches, this technique allows for highly detailed and intricate patterns, making them ideal for small lettering and complex designs. The result is a thinner, more flexible patch with a refined aesthetic, suitable for a variety of applications, from clothing to accessories.

Benefits of Woven Patches

There are many benefits to creating beautiful woven patches. Woven patches stand out for their intricate detail, making them perfect for capturing small lettering and complex designs. As mentioned, they boast a thinner and more flexible profile compared to traditional embroidered patches, offering enhanced comfort. With the ability to incorporate multiple thread colors, woven patches provide a vibrant and customized look. Their versatile application options, including iron-on and Hook & Loop backings, make them an ideal choice for those seeking a stylish and detailed embellishment solution.

Woven Patches

Woven Patches vs. Embroidered Patches Explained

The distinction between woven patches and embroidered patches lies in their construction and visual characteristics. Embroidered patches involve stitching threads into fabric, presenting a more traditional threaded appearance with a raised texture. Woven patches are particularly well-suited for designs requiring realism, landscapes, finer lines, and smaller lettering, offering a sleek and detailed aesthetic.

Additionally, woven patches are an ideal choice for those seeking smaller patches without compromising on intricate details. In terms of pricing, embroidered patches are evaluated based on the percentage of embroidery within the patch, whereas woven patches operate on a different pricing structure. The choice between woven and embroidered patches ultimately depends on the desired visual effect and level of detail for a particular design.

In terms of pricing, embroidered patches are determined by the percentage of embroidery within the patch, a factor not applicable to woven patches. To obtain details on the cost of your custom woven patches, request a free quote from American Patch today.

Why Choose American Patch for Woven Patches?

For more than two decades, American Patch has stood as the leading expert for custom woven patches. Our commitment is to deliver only the highest quality products—machine washable and exceptionally durable. If your goal is to create custom patches that maintain their impressive appearance for years, you’ve found the right partner. Regardless of the intricacy of your design, we excel at bringing it to life on your custom woven patches. Explore our cut-to-shape options for a unique and distinctive look. Unleash your creativity not only in the design but also in the shape of your patch. Whether it’s a woven logo patch for your business or an event giveaway, we are here to assist you in realizing your vision.

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How to Order New Woven Patches

To enhance your ordering experience for woven patches at American Patch, we’ve streamlined the process. Start by creating a distinctive design or sharing your existing one with us. Feel free to reach out for discussions on artwork, colors, patch type, backing, or any inquiries you may have. Once your design is ready, request a free quote online. Typically, quote requests receive a response within one business day. For a more immediate answer after submitting your design, give us a call at 1-610-955-4989. Upon accepting the quote, we’ll promptly commence work on your new patch.

Order Your Custom Woven Patches Today

When it comes to crafting unique woven patches, American Patch is the company to trust. Our dedication to using top-notch materials and employing precise craftsmanship guarantees the flawless creation of your distinctive patches. Rely on American Patch to breathe life into your woven patches, delivering enduring, high-quality results. Contact us online for a free quote or call us at 1-610-955-4989 today for additional information.