Custom PVC Patches

Durable & Waterproof 3D Designs

American Patch is among the leading patch makers in the world, and custom PVC patches are one of our specialties. PVC is a durable material that results in high-quality patches that last, and our team has extensive experience developing PVC patches for a wide range of applications.

What Is a PVC Patch?

Our custom PVC patches are made from PVC or polyvinyl chloride. PVC is a durable and inexpensive material, and those qualities have made it a popular choice for many different industrial purposes. In fact, PVC is one of the most widely used construction materials in the world. Also known as vinyl, PVC is an excellent choice for patches because it’s not only durable but soft and allows for a virtually limitless selection of vibrant colors.

PVC Patches Are Durable and Long-Lasting

Another excellent reason to opt for custom PVC patches over other patch materials is that PVC patches will retain their color vibrancy without ever fading, peeling, fraying, or cracking. That durability makes PVC patches an excellent choice for outdoor use in practically any environment, and they’ll stand the test of time with little to no maintenance required.

Why You Should Choose American Patch

American Patch is the smart choice for your custom PVC patches because our company has more than two decades of experience delivering custom patches that our clients love. We use only the best materials available and the latest technologies to deliver patches that are beautiful and long-lasting.

Custom PVC Patches

The Benefits of PVC Patches

Custom PVC patches are a great choice because vinyl is a fantastic patch material that allows for patch designs that are vibrant and clear. The ink used to create the design is integrated directly into the PVC, and the material itself is very versatile. Patches of practically any size are possible and can be used on hats, jackets, and backpacks, or for framing or display in a patch holder.

Who Uses PVC Patches?

PVC is among the most popular patch materials due to the versatility and durability we’ve mentioned. Those reasons are why military organizations, police departments, fire departments, and even the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts opt for custom PVC patches. Since PVC is suitable for the outdoors and appropriate for most environments, PVC is the patch material that many outdoor-oriented groups choose as well, and those include bikers, anglers, paintball teams, sports clubs, and so forth.

Our Goals at American Patch

The American Patch mission is the same as it was when we were a one-person enterprise. Whether you represent a Fortune 500 company or are purchasing a dozen custom PVC patches for a local group, we want to deliver you high-quality patches that exceed your expectations.

How to Order Your Custom PVC Patches

Ordering custom PVC patches is simple and convenient. Just follow these four easy steps, and if at any point you have any questions, call us at 1-610-955-4989 or contact us online.

1. Request a Free Quote

Once you have a completed patch design, submit it to us along with other details, such as the backing type and quantity. We’ll then provide you with a quote for your order at no charge and without obligation.

2. Get Written Confirmation

If you’re pleased with the quote we’ve provided, we’ll confirm the order via email or fax. Billing information is required at this point, but we don’t charge until shipment on orders less than $1,000.

3. Approve a Patch Sample

Our team will create a sample of your patch and email you a high-resolution scan. This is our opportunity to get everything just right before we make your order based on that approved sample.

4. Receive Your Order

We’ll make your custom PVC patches as soon as the sample is approved and then ship them anywhere in the U.S. at no added cost. Customers typically receive shipments within three to six weeks of ordering.

Get Started Today With Custom PVC Patches

Custom PVC patches are a great choice for any patch application, and whatever your vision for your patches, American Patch will help you bring it to life. If you have a design ready, request a free quote today, or call or email with any questions about your design and patch options.