Custom Felt Patches

High-Quality Felt Patches for Any Purpose

If you’d like to design high-quality custom felt patches at a great price, American Patch is the company to trust. We have decades of experience making custom felt patches for many different purposes and take a meticulous approach for every client to ensure we deliver a patch that exceeds their expectations.

What Is a Custom Felt Patch?

Custom felt patches are patches—often embroidery patches—made with felt as the base material. They’re custom in that we make them using a sample based on a design that you provide us. Felt is the fabric we use in this case. Not every fabric is suitable for embroidery or patches in general, but felt is not only suitable but it is also one of the best options. One reason is that felt doesn’t fray the way many other fabrics do, and it requires less finishing of the edges, which results in being less prone to loose stitching over time.

The Advantages of Custom Felt Patches

Not having to worry about frayed edges even after washing and regular use is the number one advantage of custom felt patches. Another is that felt gives a patch a premium look and feel. Felt is also a good choice because it’s a relatively inexpensive material and makes for patches that can be used for a wide range of purposes.

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Why You Should Choose American Patch

American Patch has been making custom felt patches for more than 20 years. We began as a one-woman enterprise, and even as we’ve grown into a larger company, we’ve remained dedicated to the craftsmanship and customer service that has made us successful in the first place.

The Uses for Custom Felt Patches

Ever seen a letterman jacket? You guessed it! That’s a felt patch. Custom felt patches work well on jackets but also on most types of clothing, including hats and uniforms. You can use them on backpacks, satchels, luggage, tackle boxes, and much more. They can also be applied to other fabrics for framing, lettering, and adorning banners and the like.

High-Quality Felt Patches

Felt vs. Embroidered Patches

Custom felt patches are one type of embroidered patch. Other base materials used for embroidered patches are twill and leather. Also, not all felt patches are embroidered patches. Alternatives include silicone felt patches and chenille felt patches.

Our Goals

Our main goal here at American Patch is to deliver you the highest-quality custom felt patches we can whether you’ve placed a small order for personal use or represent a large company that needs dozens or even hundreds of patches. Our motto is – any patch for any purpose, and you can count on us to go above and beyond to deliver a patch you will be proud of.

How to Order Custom Felt Patches

Ordering custom felt patches from American Patch is simple and convenient. The American Patch team is always here to help. Even if you have questions about requesting the initial quote, call us at 1-610-955-4989, and we’ll be happy to answer them. To get started, follow the four easy steps below:

1. Request a Free Quote

Fill out and submit the form on this page to request a quote at no charge and without obligation. Our team just needs some basic details, such as the image you want to use and the backing and patch type.

2. Receive Written Confirmation

You’ll typically receive a quote within 24 hours of requesting it. If you accept it, we’ll email or fax written confirmation of the order. Billing information is required, but we don’t charge until shipment on orders under $1,000.

3. Approve a Patch Sample

We’ll then create a patch sample and send you a high-resolution scan to approve. This step is the opportunity to make tweaks as needed to the sample to get everything just right for the final product.

4. Receive Your Shipment

Once you’ve approved the sample, we’ll begin making your patches, and once the order is complete, we’ll ship it to your doorstep. It generally takes between three and six weeks depending on patch type.

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Choosing American Patch for your custom felt patches is not a decision you’ll regret because we’ll deliver the high quality and attention to detail you deserve. Get started now, or call us at 1-610-955-4989 with any further questions.