Custom Bullion Patches

Represent Your Organization with Pride with a Bullion Crest

Custom bullion patches or crests are the ultimate patches reflecting the highest level of patch craftsmanship, and that makes them the perfect choice to honor the organization you love. Each bullion patch that we create here at American Patch is made meticulously by hand using high-quality gold and/or silver bullion wire to deliver a lasting and beautiful emblem.

What Is a Bullion Patch?

Custom bullion patches or crests are emblems that are handmade using gold or silver wire. Handcrafting requires a high level of skill and artistry and is necessary because the work is too delicate for machines. Bullion crests have a rich history with usage that dates back to medieval kings and queens. They have become a military tradition and are even used in fashion by the likes of Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

The Benefits of Custom Bullion Patches

Custom bullion patches have a regalness about them that makes them the ideal way to represent an organization. Military divisions often have their own bullion crests representing them. It creates awareness but also a sense of unity, which is why they’re also the choice of many fraternal organizations and private clubs. The material used and the handcrafted nature of these patches also ensure a patch that can last practically forever while retaining its stunning aesthetic.

Bullion Crest Usage by Organizations

Military organizations throughout the world use custom bullion patches to represent their branches and various divisions. Bullion crests are used by security organizations as well, including police, fire departments, and private security outfits. They’re often used by sports clubs, fraternities and sororities, motorcycle clubs, and many other private clubs and other organizations. Often, these emblems are sewn onto jackets and shirts but can also be used on hats and bags and for framing.

Custom Bullion Patches

Why Choose Us

American Patch is the right choice for your custom bullion patches because we’ve been making high-quality patches for more than 20 years. This company began as a one-person operation and has since grown into one of the largest patch makers in the world. Bullion crests require a high degree of skill and artistry, and you can choose us with confidence that our expert patch makers possess it.

Our Goals at American Patch

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest-quality patches available. It’s also important that we meet our customers’ needs. Each customer comes to us with a unique vision for their custom bullion patches, and we’re not satisfied unless we can help them achieve it and exceed their expectations in the process.

Custom Bullion Patches

How to Order Custom Bullion Patches

Ordering custom bullion patches from American Patch is simple and convenient and broken down into four main steps. Know that while you provide the patch design, our patch experts are always there to provide you with professional advice concerning colors, patch types, backings, and much more.

1. Free Quote

Once your design is complete, you can request a quote from us at no charge and without obligation. Use this form to provide contact information and basic details about the patch you want.

2. Written Confirmation

If the quote is accepted, we’ll provide written confirmation via either email or fax. You’ll provide us billing information at this point, but we don’t charge you until shipping on orders less than $1,000.

3. Patch Sample

Our team will create a sample for your custom bullion patches. We’ll send you a high-res scan of it and continue to tweak the sample as needed until we get it just right.

4. Shipment

After the sample is approved, we will begin the manufacturing process. Once complete, your new patches will be shipped, and your custom bullion patches typically arrive within five to six weeks of ordering.

Custom Order Your Bullion Patches From American Patch

American Patch has extensive experience making custom bullion patches for our clients, and you can choose us with the confidence that we’re going to deliver the attention to detail and craftsmanship that you deserve. Request your free quote today or call us at 1-610-955-4989 with any additional questions about our patches.