Shoulder Patches

Show Authority With a Custom Shoulder Patch

In today’s society, shoulder patches often showcase authoritative positions; many military members wear shoulder patches that display their rank or country flag. Public safety officials like guards, police officers, and firefighters also wear shoulder patches that feature the city or town that they serve and other important insignia.

Shoulder patches can also simply be worn on sports uniforms or biker jackets to unify a team or organization. Our embroidered patch experts can help you create a shoulder patch that’s perfect for your article of clothing. We make our custom patches with quality materials. This means you can count on them to withstand years of use and still keep their bold, detailed look.

Sample Shoulder Patches

Our patch experts can create patches in nearly every shape and size. Whether you want your patch to look like a badge, a flag, a shield, a cross, or another outline, we can do it for you. We can also help you decide which patch type is best for your design. If your design needs to look traditional, we’ll suggest embroidered patches. If it needs to include more detail, we’ll suggest woven patches. Or, if it needs to show a great amount of detail, we’ll use our dye sublimation method for near photo quality patches. Once we’re finished, you’ll have a iron on patch that meets your specifications. Contact us today to get started.