Sew-On Patches

Carry On Tradition With Custom Sew-On Patches

For centuries, people have been creating unique patches and sewing them onto garments, flags, blankets, uniforms, and many other items. At American Patch, we continue the tradition of sew-on patches. We can use your personal art design to create any size or shape patch. We have hundreds of twill and thread colors to make your custom patches beautiful.

American Patch offers three types of patches – embroidered (which use a substrate), woven (which are created using woven threads), and dye sublimated (which feature dyed fabric molecules for near photo quality patches). Our experts also offer hand-embroidered bullion crests for clubs and organizations; you can sew all four of these patch types onto fabrics of your choice.

Sample Sew-On Patches

When you sew your patches onto your fabric, you can ensure that they won’t come off. While other patch backings are designed to create a bond when heated, sew-on patches (if sewn correctly) will give you the confidence that your embroidered patches are stable and secure. In addition, you can cut and easily remove the sewing thread if you ever decide to remove your patches. Start creating your very own sew-on patches today. Go to our Free Quote form and send us a sample of the artwork you’d like to include.