Removable Patches

Have Flexibility With Custom Removable Patches

If you want the ability to switch out a patch on your favorite apparel or accessories, removable patches are perfect. Being able to easily apply and remove a patch gives you the flexibility to show off any patch anytime you want. Removable patches with Hook & Loop or pin backing are perfect for organizations that use their patches for meetings and other gatherings where members would put their patch on to show their rank or position.

Pin patches and hook and loop patches are the most common types of removable patches. Our pin patches come with one or more pins sewn into the back of the patch and are fastened to your jacket, backpack, or other material with a butterfly clutch. The pin backs are easy to use and are similar to the backs of earrings and lapel pins. Our custom Hook & Loop patches come with both halves of the hook and loop system for you to attach to whatever material you wish to affix your patch.

Sample Removable Patches

Whether you’re looking for embroidered patches, woven patches, dye sublimation patches, felt patches, blank patches, bullion crest patches, or combination patches, removable patch backing can be applied to any of our custom patch types. If you have any questions about removable patches, contact us for more information or to receive a free quote.