Fitness Merit Badges

Earning merit badges isn’t easy, and personal fitness merit badges are some of the hardest to earn. Service troops must learn how to live a healthy and active lifestyle. This involves being tested on a variety of physical fitness skills including aerobics, strength training, flexibility, and body composition. Getting kids to put their laptops and tablets down long enough to break a sweat is often the biggest challenge!

American Patch has years of experience creating fitness merit badges. We can create badges for you or your family members, so they can look back on their achievements fondly. Merit badges are perfect for sashes, hats, belts, uniforms, and to display by themselves. Because they are an honorable achievement, we use the highest quality materials so they will last for years. American Patch also goes the extra mile by offering free shipping and providing the customer a sample of their patch for approval before they place the order.

Sample Fitness Merit Badges

We can make a personal fitness badge in almost any size. And we have hundreds of different colored threads for you to choose from to help commemorate your special achievement. When designing your merit badge, keep in mind that if too many colors and an overly intricate design are used, the badge can look muddy since they are so small. Pick a few colors that enhance the look of your custom personal fitness merit badge and you’ll have a crisp and clean design for your sash. Most merit badges have a heat seal backing you can apply with an iron. You can also order embroidered or woven patches to sew on. Applying a personal fitness badge to a sash is easy!

Fill out our easy online form today to get a free quote on your personal fitness merit badge. You will need to send your artwork for the merit badge at the same time. After that, we will promptly get back to you with written confirmation of your order. We look forward to creating the perfect merit badge for you!