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Iron-on patches are perfect for people who are looking for an easy way to apply their custom patches. With our special heat-activated backing, all you’ll need to attach your patches is an iron. These embroidered patches can be made in nearly any shape or size. They’re perfect for Scouts, sports uniforms, crafts, or simply to mend clothing.

Our iron-on patches work best on fabrics like denim, cotton, and polyester blends. As a rule of thumb, we suggest you make sure the material you’re attaching your patch to is at least as heavy as the patch material. If you’re not sure which type of patch (embroidered, woven, or dye sublimated) is right for you, talk to our design experts. We can help.

Sample Iron-On Patches

At American Patch, we take pride in our work. This means we create iron-on patches using only the finest materials. With over 120 thread and twill colors to choose from, you can make your patch as colorful and as creative as you’d like. You also have the freedom to choose any size and any shape to make it even more unique. Our embroidered patches are made tough and will last you for years to come; you can enjoy your patches without them unraveling or fading. They’re also machine washable, which makes them ideal for attaching to clothing.Custom iron-on patches are ideal for many uses.