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One of the most popular ways to display custom patches is by attaching them to articles of clothing. Many of our customers create their own patch designs and use them to dress up t-shirts, personalize hats, add style to jeans, decorate jackets, and more. We’ve created clothing patches that feature bands, artwork, hobbies, clubs, quotes, movies, and an array of other interests.

At American Patch, we offer more than 120 thread and twill colors and use the finest quality materials to ensure durability. This means you can easily create the perfect custom patch to showcase who you are and what you love. We can help you decide which type of patch is right for you and we’ll even send you a sample.

Sample Clothing Patches

At American Patch, we offer the best patches at the best prices. You can choose up to eight colors at no additional cost as well as any size or shape. This means you can create your ultimate accessory. Clothing patches are great for expressing yourself, but they can also be used to unify organizations, represent community events, sell products, help raise awareness, and more. The beauty of these embroidered patches is that they can be created for and worn on nearly anything. Take a look at some of the clothing patches we’ve created in the past in our Gallery.