Unbacked Patches

American Patch is the number one patch company because of our commitment to excellence, and the enormous variety of custom patches create. We can make virtually any size or style of patch you want. For example, we can make patches that cover the back of a leather jacket, or small pin patches that can be worn on lapels. Many of our customers choose unbacked patches. These are an excellent choice for uniforms and can be sewn onto a wide variety of fabrics. Contact us today for a free quote, or if you have questions about which type of patch will work best for you.

Unbacked Patch

What Are Custom Unbacked Patches?

Most styles of patches come with a backing, like plastic, but this style of patch has none. While it doesn’t have loose threads hanging from it, the back of the twill base is visible. The most common use for custom unbacked patches is sewing them on a uniform or another article of clothing. Some of our customers choose to have these patches sewn on by a professional because they tend to roll. This makes them more difficult to sew on if you aren’t very skilled. You can be sure that our unbacked patches are of the highest quality and will look stunning.

Unbacked Patch Samples

Create Your Own Patches With Our Help

We would love to help you make your own custom unbacked patches. We have a large assortment of patches to choose from, and we will gladly assist you in picking the perfect type for you. Choose from popular options such as embroidered patches, woven patches, dye sublimation patches, and more. American Patch has over twenty years of experience and can make unique patches in almost any size or shape in a variety of colors.

Ordering patches is a snap. All you need to do is send us your artwork and fill out our free quote form online. Choosing the right patch type for your design can be a challenge. If you aren’t sure if an unbacked patch is right for you, give us a call at 1-610-955-4989 and we’ll gladly assist you in making the correct choice. Our experienced staff will help you decide which type of patch works best for your design.

Most patch companies only send you a graphic rendering of your design, but we go a step further and offer a free sample of your patch. We won’t produce the patch until you are completely satisfied with the sample. American Patch is also proud to offer free shipping in the United States. We want you to love your patches the moment they hit your doorstep!

Highest Quality Materials In The Industry

Our customers are thrilled with their patches because we only use the highest quality threads and twills. We ensure our custom unbacked patches will last a very long time, and they are incredibly sturdy. Expect them to remain beautiful through many wash cycles and look great for years to come. You can choose up to eight different thread colors at no additional charge, so design the perfect patch for you. We can make almost anything you want!

High Quality Unbacked Patches

How To Use Unbacked Patches

Unbacked patches are a versatile and colorful way to show off your club or business. They can be used on an assortment of items, such as clothes, backpacks, jackets, hats, and more. Because of their versatility, they are perfect for promoting events, clubs, and businesses using brand awareness.

Choose a Different Backing Type For Your Custom Patches

American Patch has a wonderful selection of patch backings to choose from if unbacked patches aren’t right for you. The iron on patches are very popular and are often used on uniforms and hats. Just remember not to wash those items in super-hot water as it may loosen the glue. Another popular choice is Hook & Loop backings. These adhere well to most uniforms and are very durable.

Pin backings are excellent as well. They hold the patch to the garment with a lapel pin and can be removed and placed on another item of clothing in seconds. If you are planning on giving away patches as a promotional tool, look no further than self-stick patches. They are similar to a single-use sticker and are perfect for trade shows and other events. For a sleek finish, consider our plastic backings. Attach them to clothing or hats with fabric glue and show off your beautiful design.

Get Started By Requesting Your Free Quote

If you have the perfect design for your unbacked patch, contact us today for your free online quote. Start by send us your artwork and soon you will have the perfect custom unbacked patches delivered straight to your doorstep. When it comes to high quality patches, American Patch can’t be beat!