Heat Seal Patches

Iron-on heat seal patches are one of the most popular types because of their versatility. If your sewing skills aren’t quite up to par, or you just enjoy the convenience factor, American Patch is here to help you create your very own custom patches. If you’re planning on applying your patches to a uniform or hat, there’s no better choice than heat seal patches. While we do recommend attaching your iron-on heat seal patches with a heat press machine, with enough heat, pressure and time, you can also apply them with a household iron.

Heat Seal Patches

Create Your Own Custom Iron-On Patches

American Patch can help you create your very own custom iron-on patches. You can choose from a variety of patch types including embroidered, woven, dye sublimation, felt, and more! We’re the most trusted name in custom patches because we’ve been in business for over two decades. We’ve created all sorts of unique designs featuring cool shapes and sizes.

The ordering process for your custom patches couldn’t be easier. Simply fill out our Free Quote Form online and send us your artwork. If you’re unsure whether iron-on patches are right for your design just let us know and we’ll be happy to provide our recommendations. We can also let you know which type of patch may be best for your particular design. It’s the age old question, embroidered patches or woven patches?

We’re also proud to offer free shipping in the U.S., premium quality iron-on heat seal patches, and a free sample with each order. Other patch companies simply send you a graphic rendering of your patch. We go one step further and actually create a sample patch which you can review and approve. This helps ensure that the patches that arrive on your doorstep are exactly what you envisioned.

When to Use Heat Seal Patches

Are you curious about what heat seal patch backings are? This type of backing features glue which, when heated, adheres your patch to your garment. They’re best to apply on materials that can withstand high heat such as cotton and polyester. Once your heat seal patches have been attached, they are washable, dryable, and can even be dry cleaned. We do not however recommend laundering them at high temperatures as that will activate the glue which may cause your heat seal patches to loosen from the garment.

Heat Seal Patch Backing

How to Apply Heat Seal Patches

Keep in mind we recommend attaching your heat seal patches with a heat press machine, but they can be applied with a handheld iron as well if necessary. Be sure to test your garment to ensure that the high temperatures created by the heat press machine will not damage the fabric. If your garment is made of a certain material and is exposed to very high temperatures for too long it can result in a distorted patch or burned fabric.

Heat Press Application

To use a heat press machine follow these steps:

  1. Set your heat press machine to 360 – 370 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Place your patch on your garment in the desired location
  3. Cover your patch with wax paper to protect it from the heat
  4. With 40 PSI foam under your garment, apply pressure for about 18 seconds
  5. Allow to cool and enjoy your new heat seal patches
Iron on Heat Seal Patches

To apply your heat seal patches with an iron, simply follow these steps:

  1. Set your household iron to the highest setting (typically Cotton)
  2. Adjust your garment so it is flat on an ironing board
  3. Lay a piece of cloth on top of your garment to protect it and prevent burning
  4. Start by pressing the iron onto your garment to preheat the area. Hold firmly for approximately 10 seconds
  5. Carefully place your heat seal patch in the desired location
  6. Lay the piece of cloth over your patch so you don’t burn it and press as firmly as you can for another 60 seconds
  7. Repeat the ironing process again to ensure the glue has adhered to the garment
  8. Repeat the process listed above to the other side of your garment making sure to cover with the cloth as instructed
  9. Let your garment sit undisturbed until the glue has time to cool and fasten

To get started creating your own custom iron-on heat seal patches simply reach out to American Patch today! You can fill out our Free Quote Form or give us a call at 1-610-955-4989 to place your order.