Patch Backing Types

Learn More About Patch Backings

At American Patch, we offer a variety of patch backing types which will give you many versatile options to choose from. Depending on how you plan to use your patch one of these backing options may be better for you than another. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information. If you already know what backing type you’d like to use for your custom patches, please request a free quote.

Heat Seal Patches

Heat seal patches are generally used for uniforms and hats and are one of our most popular patch backing types. It’s important to keep the following things in mind when considering heat seal backings for patches. They must not be a laundered at high temperatures or it will activate the glue which may cause the patch to loosen from the garment. They are meant to be applied by a heat press machine, but as long as enough heat, pressure, and time are used can be applied with a house hold iron.
Heat Seal Instructions

Pin Backing

Pin Patches

Pin patches are removable patches that can be pinned to anything. Instead of having to sew or iron on a separate patch to multiple items, you can move a pin patch from one set of clothing to another. They come with one or more pins sewn into the back of the patch and are held in place by a butterfly clutch, also known as a lapel pin. The pin backs are simple to apply and remove and are similar to the backs of earrings.

Plastic Backing

Plastic Patches

Plastic patches boast a plastic coating on the back which results in a beautiful finish and provides a nice presentation. This will ensure the patches lay flat which is preferable if you’re using them for marketing purposes or want to display or trade them. Our plastic patches are not heat activated, but they can be attached with fabric glue. The plastic backing will ensure the glue does not bleed through to the twill and threads.

Self Stick Backing

Self-Stick Patches

Self-Stick fabric patches are similar to a one time use sticker. They do not offer permanent hold, which can be beneficial in many ways. Self-stick patches tend to be used for tradeshows or as handouts for promotions. Alternatively, some people will use the backing to the hold the patch in place while they are being stitched on. If you’re not very skilled at sewing, this amount of hold will ensure you have the patch placement perfect on your garment.

Unbacked Patch Backing

Unbacked Patches

Unbacked patches are exactly what they sound like, a patch that is manufactured as is with no backing. Please note, no threads are hanging from the patch, but the back of the twill base is visible. Unbacked patches are generally used for the sole purpose of professionally stitching them on. Sometimes unbacked patches can roll which can make it tough to sew if you are not a particularly skilled seamstress. However, if you’re comfortable sewing, you can be sure your patches from American Patch will be of the highest quality and will look beautiful wherever you place them.

Hook & Loop Backing

Hook & Loop Patches

At American Patch, we can create Hook & Loop patches which have a hard hook and soft side, similar to traditional Hook & Loop application. Custom Hook & Loop patches are another one of our most popular patch backing types. They can be created in nearly any shape or size. They are often used on military uniforms, for paintball teams, and for soft coolers. We offer both the hard and soft side together or they can be purchased separately depending on your need. Some customers already have the hard or soft backing on their items and only need one side. We can accommodate with either one side or both.