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Embroidered Patches Style Guide

Step 1: Choosing a Design

The great thing about embroidered patches is that they offer a certain look. Our patches are made with the highest quality threads and substrates so they create a traditional depth and boldness that embroidered patches are known for. And when you apply your own design to this look, you can create the ultimate patch to wear or display.


At American Patch, we can turn virtually any design into an embroidered patch, so whether it’s your own piece of artwork or a piece of artwork you’re fond of that you’d like to use, we can use it. Many of our customers turn things like their own musician/band logos, school mascots, initials, events (like birthdays, anniversaries, family vacations, etc.), or hobbies into their very own patches.

A few other ideas that can be turned into embroidered patches include uniform designs for things like security guards, firefighters, or EMS volunteers, organization symbols for school, community, or business organizations, or military applications like morale or rank.

Embroidered Patch

Shape and Size

Our experts can create embroidered patches in virtually any shape or size you’d like, so before you order, think about what you’ll be using your patch for. Is it to wear? Display? Give as a gift? Your patch application can help you decide how large to make your design and the shape you want to give it. While we create traditional round, squared, and rectangular patches, we can also make ones with intricate edges or in a shape that’s unique.


Once you have your design, shape, and size chosen for your embroidered patches, it’s time to decide on the color scheme. We offer hundreds of different thread and twill colors that can be combined for the ultimate look. No matter what your design, we allow you to choose eight different colors at no additional cost (every thread color over eight will be an additional cost per thread) so you can create a patch that includes your perfect color scheme. For a sample of our thread and twill colors, click here.

Step 2: Pricing

When it comes to patch pricing, there are several elements that determine how much your patches will cost. These include size, quantity, backing type, and embroidery coverage. On average, the smaller the patch, fewer the quantity, and lesser the embroidery coverage, the more inexpensive your patches will be. In addition, if you’d like several patches of the same identical design, you’ll pay less per patch. For a complete list of our patch prices, visit our Pricing page.

Step 3: Ordering Your Embroidered Patches

After all of your design ideas are finalized, it’s time to order your embroidered patches and bring your concept to life. To start, simply fill out our Free Quote form and attach your desired artwork. We’ll email you with a quote as quickly as possible and after that, we’ll collect your billing and shipping information. Next, we’ll send over an order confirmation for you to sign and once it’s signed, we’ll send you a sample of your patch for your approval. After you approve your patch, we’ll complete your order and ship it out to you!

For questions about embroidered patches, simply call our experts. We’ll address all of your concerns and we’d be happy to help you get started.