15 Organization Ideas for Your Craft Room

A Few Simple Tips for De-Cluttering At American Patch, we know how fun crafts can be, but we also know how easy it is to stock up on craft supplies and have nowhere to put them. With these 15 organization …

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Spruce Up Your Spring Wardrobe with Embroidery

Spring is officially here and with it comes light jackets, capri pants, lightweight shirts, and more. Since embroidery is one of the hottest new fashion trends, why not spruce up your spring wardrobe by incorporating some of it into your clothing? Here are some ideas for you to try this season.

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8 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts to Try This Year

St. Patrick’s Day is only a few weeks away and if you’re planning on throwing a celebratory party, you’re going to need some festive decor. Whether you make the crafts yourself or turn your St. Paddy’s party into a craft party, our clothing patch company has some great craft ideas for you to try this year.

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