How to Sew on Patches

In a world of mass-produced clothing, patches give you an opportunity to customize and personalize your clothing and accessories. Not all fabrics or patch styles lend themselves to being ironed on. Some need to be sewn on. Even if you’ve never sewn before, you can learn how to sew on patches. Consider it a beginner project that will help you build your skills.

Tools You’ll Need How to Sew on Patches

  • Scissors
  • Embroidery needle
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing pins
  • Thread, either transparent or a color that matches the patch
  • Thimble, optional

Step-by-Step How to Sew on Patches

  1. Wash, dry, and iron if necessary, the clothing that will receive the patch.
  2. Take measurements to determine where you want to place the patch. For example, if you need it centered, then measure equal distances from the edges.
  3. Pin the patch in place while taking care to keep it flat against the fabric.
  4. If applying a patch to a shirt, vest, or jacket, you should try on the piece of clothing with the patch pinned in place before sewing. Sometimes a patch’s placement looks good while lying flat but ceases to look right when you’re wearing it.
  5. Adjust patch placement if necessary, before completing the rest of the how to sew on patches steps.
  6. Snip off a 15 to 20 inch length of thread.
  7. Choose an embroidery needle strong enough for the fabric that you’re working on. Denim and leather need heavier needles.
  8. Thread the embroidery needle. You may use a single or double thread.
  9. Knot the end of the thread.
  10. Hold the patch on the front and underneath with your thumb and forefinger.
  11. Put a thimble on your thumb. As the needle comes through the fabric and patch, the thimble will protect you from getting poked. If you don’t have a thimble, proceed with caution to avoid poking yourself.
  12. Start on the underside of the fabric and push the needle into the fabric and up through the patch about 1/8 inch from the outer edge.
  13. To make the first stitch, push the needle back through the patch to the underside of the fabric.
  14. Continue stitching along the edge of the patch.
  15. When tying off the thread, do it on the underside of the fabric.
  16. If you run out of thread, tie off the first thread and start a new thread.

Create Custom Patches

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