How to Sew a Patch On a Shirt

Custom patches are a great way to enhance your clothing. You can use a patch for advertising your business, promoting a product, celebrating an occasion, or marking a special date. When you create a custom patch with American Patch, you can create a patch in any size with any color combinations. Once you receive your patches, all that is left is sewing them on.

How to Sew a Patch on a ShirtSewing a Patch On a Shirt the Correct Way

Now that your new patches have arrived, it is time to learn how to sew a patch on a shirt the correct way. Sewing a patch on your shirt using the right needles and thread will ensure that your patch stays on securely and does not bulge while you are wearing the shirt.

Selecting the Right Needle And Thread

The first step in how to sew a patch on a shirt is choosing the right needle for the job. If you are sewing the patch onto polyester, fine linen, or thin fabrics, you will want to use a fine or thin needle. This will help protect the fabric. If you are sewing heavier materials, you will want to use a sharp, wider needle. This will help it go through the thick fabrics easier. Once you have selected the color of thread you will use to sew on the patch, make it a double thread. Pull the thread through the needle so that it is equal in length on both sides and tie a knot on the end. Using a doubled thread will keep the patch on tighter.

Sewing the Patch On a Shirt

The first thing that you will do is secure the patch to the place you want it on the shirt. If it is an iron-on patch, use the iron to secure the patch to the shirt and allow it to cool off before sewing. If it is not an iron-on patch, you can either use fabric glue to secure the patch in place or straight pins.

Starting from the backside of the fabric, pull the needle through about 1/8 of an inch from the end of the patch. Backstitch the patch all the way around using 1/4 inch stitched. Once you reach the starting point, tie off a knot and cut the thread to remove the needle. You now have a sewn-on patch.

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