How to Sew a Patch On a Hat

If you’re looking for a way to attach an embroidered or woven patch to your hat, sewing is definitely the way to go. Whether you’re creating hats featuring custom logo patches or for an entire baseball team, the process is fairly straightforward. Learning how to sew a patch on a hat may involve a little practice and patience, but in the end the result will look great.

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Tools You’ll Need How to sew a patch on a hat

  • Custom Patch
  • Hat
  • Needle (size 10)
  • Thread that matches your patch
  • Glue
  • Thimble
  • Scissors

Steps To Learn How to Sew a Patch On a Hat

  1. Begin by placing the hat on your head to help determine exactly where you’d like to place the patch.
  2. Glue the patch on the hat to ensure it doesn’t move while you’re sewing it.
    • Allow the glue to dry completely.
  3. Select thread that matches your patch boarder and carefully thread a size 10 needle.
    • Depending on the size of your patch, we recommend using approximately 24 inches of thread.
    • Tie a knot at the end of the thread.
  4. If you’re right handed, place a thimble on the middle finger of your right hand. If you’re left handed, place it on the middle finger of your left hand.
  5. Turn your hat inside out and push your needle through the hat and patch simultaneously using your thimble finger.
  6. From the inside, pull the needle and thread through all the way.
    • Do this process slowly to ensure your thread does not become tangled.
  7. Continue to sew small stitches by pushing the needle in and out of the boarder of the patch connecting it to the hat.
  8. Once the entire patch is sewn onto the hat, cut the thread and tie a knot.
    • Ensure you’re doing this on the inside of the hat so it doesn’t show while you’re wearing it.

Create Custom Patches For Your Hats

Now that you know how simple it is to learn how to sew a patch on a hat, it’s time to create your own custom patches! Logo patches always look great on hats, and they’re ideal for promoting brand awareness. Hat patches are also perfect for sports teams and annual events.

If you’d like help creating your custom hat patches, request a free quote from American Patch today. We have created countless custom hat patches since 2000. We’re happy to offer any design advice you may need and can make recommendations about what type of patch may be best for your artwork. For premium quality patches and customer service you can count on, you can’t go wrong with American Patch. We also offer a free sample for every order and free shipping within the United States.

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