How to Remove Iron On Patch Glue

Iron-on patches are a terrific way to personalize clothing, commemorate an event, or promote a business. When you iron on a patch, you can still remove it later. You can easily remove the patch by heating it with a warm iron until the adhesive gets warm. The patch will remain intact and can be saved or reused on another object. However, some glue may remain on the material after you remove the patch. The next question concerns how to remove iron on patch glue without damaging the fabric. American Patch’s professionals are always available to assist you and answer this common question.

Different Methods for How to Remove Iron On Patch Glue

When you remove a patch, some of the leftover glue may remain. You cannot simply remove the glue by washing the item or piece of clothing in the washing machine. There are, however, a few methods for removing the iron on patch glue.

The Acetone MethodHow to Remove Iron On Patch Glue

Acetone, or nail polish containing acetone, will dissolve the leftover glue. Using a cotton ball or paper towel, blot the acetone onto the glue. This will help to release the adhesive. Acetone will soften but not totally disintegrate the glue. Before applying the acetone to the glue, test it on a piece of the material. Check and make sure that the acetone will not damage the material. Acetone is known to be safe to use on a wide range of materials.

The Freezer Method

Another common method for how to remove iron on patch glue is to place the item of clothing in the freezer overnight. The glue will become quite hard, and you should be able to scrape it off using a dull object, such as a butter knife.

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