How to Iron on Patches

At American Patch we recommend that you follow these directions for how to iron on patches to ensure a long-lasting bond. Heat activates the glue on the back of iron on patches and then grips to the fabric as it cools. A heat press works nicely, but a standard household iron gets the job done too.

How to Iron on Patches Step by Step How to Iron on Patches

  1. Check the label to see if the garment that you’re working on can be ironed. Cotton or polyester blends can handle the heat. Avoid ironing nylon, rayon, leather, or vinyl as these materials will scorch or melt.
  2. Set up an ironing board or prepare a flat surface like a countertop or table for ironing by covering it with two layers of towels.
  3. Preheat your iron to at least 370 degrees Fahrenheit. This will be the highest setting on the appliance. DO NOT use the steam setting.
  4. Decide where you want to attach the patch. If centering a patch on a fabric area, use a measuring tape to pinpoint the actual center. To test the look of a patch in different positions, pin or tape it temporarily to see if you like the placement.
  5. Spread the fabric smoothly right side up across the ironing board.
  6. Spread a press cloth over the fabric. This can be a cotton pillowcase or bandana. The press cloth reduces the chances of scorching your fabric.
  7. Press the hot iron against the press cloth over the application area to heat up the base fabric.
  8. Remove the press cloth.
  9. Set iron aside and carefully place your patch in the desired position.
  10. Gently lay the press cloth over the patch.
  11. Press the iron completely over the patch and push down without moving the iron at all. Shifting the iron could move the patch and smear the adhesive.
  12. Hold the iron in the same position with continuous pressure for at least 60 seconds. If you’re using these how to iron on patches directions with a heat press, then you can hold it for less time.
  13. Repeat the ironing process again for another 60 seconds to ensure the glue has adhered to the garment.
  14. Lift away iron and press cloth.
  15. Gently test the edges of the patch to confirm that it is firmly glued in place.
  16. If it seems loose, cover with press cloth and press with iron again.
  17. For the final step, flip the fabric over and press the hot iron against the patch area from the other side of the fabric.

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