How to Iron On Patches On Polyester

Iron on patches are a great way to embellish any personal item. From hats and shirts to jackets and backpacks, you can always find a great place to put a custom patch. American Patch is a leading provider of custom patches. We can create patches in any size, design, or material requested. If you need to create a custom patch for your organization, business, team, school, or family event, you are encouraged to get a free quote today from American Patch.

Iron On Patches On Polyester GuideIron on Patches on Polyester

If you are wondering how to iron on patches on polyester, or even if you can iron them on this material, we encourage you to use the following guide. Polyester is a synthetic material that is used in many types of clothing and accessories. In the past, polyester had a bad reputation for melting when excessive heat was applied. This, however, was forty or fifty years ago, and the material blends are much different today. For safety reasons, polyester is much safer to use around heat, making it a great material to embellish with custom patches.

Steps To Iron On Patches On Polyester Material

  1. Make sure your material is clean and dry. Working with damp material can prevent the patch from securing to the fabric properly.
  2. Place the patch in the desired area. You may want to use an iron on patch adhesive to temporarily secure the patch to the material in the desired position.
  3. Once the patch is in the desired position, take a warm iron and begin to apply pressure to the patch. This will melt the adhesive on the back of the patch and allow it to bond with the polyester. Make sure that you only use the warm setting on the iron.
  4. Make sure to go over the patch’s edges a second time before you are finished.
  5. Allow the patch and material to cool. Once cooled, your patch is set, and you can now enjoy your embellished item.

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