How to Make Embroidered Patches

Your group has made a great choice to use embroidered patches to express your mission and values. The next thing you need to know is how to make embroidered patches. Unless you have a computerized embroidery machine, you’re going to need help with the job, especially when you want a large quantity. American Patch has the right equipment and a skilled customer service team dedicated to delivering high-quality results. We accept custom artwork and manage every detail of production. Here’s how to get started with an order for embroidered patches.

How to Order Custom Embroidered PatchesHow to Make Embroidered Patches

Step 1: Ask for Free Quote

You have no financial obligation when you ask us how to make embroidered patches. We’ll need to see a copy of your artwork and know the desired size and quantity for your patches. Our Free Quote form is short and only takes a moment to submit. We’re often able to reply with a price quote within an hour or at most one business day.

Step 2: Confirm Order With Payment Information

Should you accept the quote, we’ll email or fax you an order confirmation with all of the details. At this time, you’ll then provide us with your credit card number. Unless your order exceeds $1,000 no charges will occur until we ship your custom patches.

Step 3: Inspect Your Custom Embroidered Patch Sample

Learning how to make embroidered patches requires accurate reproduction. To accomplish this, we make an actual physical sample patch from your artwork. We scan an image of the patch and email it to you. After you examine the image of the patch, you can either approve the design or talk to us about revisions. Please understand that if you cancel the order at this point, we’ll collect a $50 cancellation fee.

Step 4: Production and Shipment

Once you approve the production sample, your order will enter the manufacturing stage. When we finish creating your custom embroidered patches, we’ll ship them directly to you for free!

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By choosing American Patch, you’ll have the ability to create premium quality custom embroidered patches. Unlike other patch companies, we make a physical free sample before going into production. This lets you see a true representation instead of just a graphic rendering. We can create any type of patch in almost any size. With fast turnaround times, free U.S. shipping, and premium quality, ordering custom patches from American Patch is easy and fast!

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