How to Get Patch Glue Off Clothes

Iron-on patches are a great item to use to decorate clothing, memorialize an event, or promote a business. When you iron on a patch, it can still be removed at a later time. Using a warm iron, you can heat the patch until the glue becomes warm and then easily remove the patch. The patch will remain intact, allowing you to save it or reuse it on another item. However, once you remove the patch, some remaining glue may be on the cloth. The next question is how to get patch glue off clothes without harming the material. The experts at American Patch are here to help.

Methods for How to Get Patch Glue Off ClothesHow to Remove Patch Glue off Clothes

When you remove a patch from most clothing, some of the glue may remain in the clothing. You cannot wash the glue out by throwing the piece of clothing in the washer. There are, however, a few different ways to remove the glue.

• Freezer Method

One way how to get patch glue off clothes is to put the piece of clothing in the freezer overnight. The glue will become very rigid, and you should be able to take a dull instrument, like a butter knife, and scrape the glue off of the material.

• Acetone Method

Acetone, or nail polish with acetone, will remove the glue. Blot the acetone on the glue using a cotton ball or paper towel. This will loosen the glue. Acetone will soften the glue if not completely dissolve it. Test the acetone on a piece of the material before putting it on the glue. Make sure that the acetone will not harm the material. You can use acetone on most materials without a problem.

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