How to Design a Uniform Shoulder Patch

At American Patch, we take your original design and produce custom patches in the quantities that you need. Learning how to design a uniform shoulder patch does not have to be difficult. This is an opportunity to express your group’s mission. To help you succeed, we’ve developed some tips so that you can get the best results. Reach out to us today to receive a free quote for your custom uniform shoulder patches! Order in bulk for even better deals.

Uniform Shoulder Patch Design Tips

Uniform Shoulder Patch Design Tips

  1. Select Patch Size and Shape – Ideal patch sizes for shoulder placement range from 3 inches to 5 inches. Apply this dimension to whatever shape that you choose. Your options include classic shield shapes as well as circles, rectangles, tombstones, wedges, and so much more.
  2. Choose a Color Scheme – Your group might already have colors. If so, select at least two colors that contrast with each so that your design and lettering are easy to see. You can include up to eight thread colors in your design. Each additional color beyond the first eight colors incurs an additional charge per patch.
  3. Go Bold With Your Custom Patch Design – You want your patch to make a clear statement. You might have plenty of ideas about what should appear on the patch. Choose your most important elements so that you can create an attractive design. A border in a contrasting color helps to unify the whole design and enhance its visual impact. Avoid packing in too many design elements. An overly busy design results in a patch that looks cluttered and lacks the proper impact.
  4. Keep Lettering at Least 1/4 Inch Tall – You want people to see what your patch says, and tiny letters defeat that purpose. Use lettering in your design that is a minimum of 1/4 inch tall. If you need to fit in more words, you can increase the size of your custom patches up to 5 inches for a shoulder patch. If you are still having trouble fitting in your message, consider editing out unnecessary words. Focus on the important parts, like group name or motto.
  5. Pick a Patch Type That Supports Your Design – Different methods of manufacturing patches work better for different designs. Embroidered patches are ideal for a design a moderate amount of lines or color gradients. Woven patches and dye sublimation patches use production methods that can successfully translate designs with fine lines and color gradients.

Let Us Help You Create Custom Patches

Now that you’ve learned how to design a uniform shoulder patch, you can enter the production stage. For over 20 years, clubs, teams, and groups throughout the country have turned to American Patch for high-quality custom uniform patches. We have the ability to produce patches in almost any shape or size.

We will provide you with a free quote once you supply your patch details and quantity. Once you move forward with an order we will send you a free sample. Many other patch companies just show you a graphic image instead of sending a free sample like we do. After approving the sample, you can rest assured that you will get your patches quickly. American Patch always offers fast turnaround times, premium products, and free U.S. shipping.

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