Our Guide to Patches for Jackets

Patches for Jackets

Patches are the perfect way to showcase your business, group or club. There are many choices, and the only limits is your imagination. This guide will focus on choosing patches for jackets, including all the specifics you need to know about sizes, measurements and the different types of backings.

Choosing Patches for Jackets

There are several things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect patch. One of the most important considerations is the type of patch:

  • Embroidered patches use different colored threads sewn into a substrate fabric. This is the most traditional style of patch. We can create them in almost any size or design.
  • Dye Sublimation patches are very modern and use special dyes resulting in patches with a near photo-like finish.
  • Combination patches use a combination of both embroidered and dye sublimation techniques giving you the best of both worlds.
  • Woven patches are great for detailed designs. They are are created by weaving threads together to form the patch instead of embroidering threads onto a substrate.

If you are choosing a patch to be worn by your entire club or business, take into consideration the size of the jackets and how prominent you want the patch to be. For example, a motorcycle club typically uses a 12 inch patch for men and a 9 inch patch for women. Here’s how to measure it:

  • Place the design you have created over the area of the jacket first to make sure it’s an accurate fit.
  • Add the length of the patch and the width and then divide it by two. This will tell you the size of your patch.
  • Take into consideration the average size of the group wearing the patch and use that as a guide to choosing the correct size.

Patch Backings

We offer several types of backings for your patch, and each have their own method of application.

  • Heat seal patches are very popular for jackets. The backing has a special glue, and when heat is applied to the patch, it adheres very strongly to the jacket. Take care not to launder the jacket in hot water as it may loosen the patch.
  • Plastic patches are attached to your jacket using a fabric glue.
  • Unbacked patches have no backing and are meant to be sewn on.
  • Hook & Loop and self-stick backings can also be used but are not recommended for jacket patches.

American Patch has created stunning patches for jackets in a wide variety of styles and colors and would love to create yours. Fill out our free quote form today and get started on your custom patches.