How to Pick the Perfect Patch Design

Patch Design
Creating or selecting a patch to promote your organization, club, or team is a serious undertaking, but it can also be fun. Patch design is the perfect opportunity to let your creativity flow, but to maximize the impact of your patch there are certain guidelines you should follow. Here, the experts at American Patch have created a guide for choosing or creating the perfect patch.

Patch Design Shapes and Sizes

Anything goes as far as shapes are concerned. Want a patch shaped like a dragon or a truck? We can do it. Where things get tricky is the size of your patch design. Take into consideration who or what is wearing the patch.

Choose a smaller patch for:

  • Children
  • For hats or shoulders

Choose a larger patch for:

  • The front or back of a sports jersey
  • An instrument or equipment case

Choosing a large patch for a small child would look overwhelming, and the opposite is true too. Creating a small patch for a sports jersey would definitely be underwhelming. Also take into consideration the gender of the wearer. For instance, a woman on a roller derby team might look odd with a huge patch on the back of her jersey. The design should still be large enough to be seen, but not distract from the game while she’s skating.

Tips and Tricks

When you design your patch, keep these things in mind to create an eye-popping design:

  • The more thread and twill colors used, the muddier the patch will appear. If a design involves more than eight colors, it could be less distinctive.
  • Use color theory when selecting colors. You can find various color wheels online that will help you select the optimal colors to make your patch design pop.
  • Large patches can be much more detailed than smaller ones. If you require intricate detail, make your patch bigger. Creating an intricate design for your heavy metal band? An electric guitar with smoke and flames would look cool on your guitar case.
  • Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to design. Making a patch for your alligator farm? A simple green gator with your name underneath might look super on the front pocket of your uniform.

There are several types of patches to choose from. Classic embroidery is always eye catching, or dye sublimation would work if you want your patch to look more like a photograph. Or, you could have the best of both worlds using our combination patches. Using the above guidelines will help you create an awesome looking patch that will make your organization stand out from the crowd. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact American Patch today.