Did You Know You Can Create Custom Removable Patches?

Custom Removable Patches

Most of us are very familiar with the popular sew-on or iron-on patches, but at American Patch, we offer a variety of ways to affix your patch to your favorite garments. You can create custom removable patches that not only show off the things you love or your unique style but can be taken with you on different items of clothing or other accessories. These removable patches most commonly come in Hook & Loop or pin backing for easy transfer from piece to piece.

Custom Removable Patch Types

When it comes to choosing which type of custom removable patch is best for you, it usually comes down to the type of garment you will use the most and how you will use it. For loose fabrics like those on backpacks and other bags, pin patches are best because they are flexible and have the ability to get behind the fabric to attach the pin backing. When it comes to garments like hats and those used in athletics, a Hook & Loop patch is probably best. They are soft, safe, and easy to clean and adjust as needed.
Removable Patches

Pin Patches

If you have a bag, backpack, jacket, hat, or other loose fabric, a custom removable pin backing is a quick and easy way to display your patch. The pins and clasp are just like those of an earring, so they are simple to add and remove to just about any garment. We only offer pin backing removable patches in orders of a minimum of 100 pieces, and they are only available as woven or embroidered patches.

Removable Hook & Loop Patches

Hook & Loop Patches

The well-known hook and loop system is a perfect way to provide versatility when it comes to displaying your custom removable patches. All you need is to affix the softer, loop part of the Hook & Loop patch to wherever you want to be able to swap your patches. This type of patch is most commonly found in the military, team sports, and for organizations whose garments need to be easily adjusted. Custom removable Hook & Loop patches from American Patch can be created in nearly any shape or size.

Order Custom Removable Patches

American Patch sells a variety of patch types and styles direct to you. We’ll work with you to bring your design to life and provide you with durable, vibrant patches that you can wear with pride. Contact American Patch today to get a free quote or request a sample of your custom removable patch.