Create Custom Biker Patches for Your Vest or Jacket

Custom biker vest and jacket patches

Your motorcycle club is unique, and your patches should be too. Customized biker patches for vests and jackets are an excellent way to display your pride and foster a sense of community. American Patch has over 15 years of experience creating a wide variety of motorcycle patches and specializes in reproducing custom designs. We have fast turnaround times and offer high-quality patches at affordable prices. Ready to get started? Here are a few tips on how to create and order your own biker patches.

Creating Biker Patches

Patches come in all shapes, sizes and colors. For motorcycle clubs, certain colors and designs are symbolic of a club’s history, prior members or the freedom of the road. The experts at American Patch can create almost any design, so allow your creativity to flow. Check out our Gallery to kick start your imagination.

Embroidered biker patches are the most popular. They’re made of multiple colored threads sewn into a substrate fabric. We can also create dye sublimation patches that deposit ink on a patch for a striking image that looks similar to a photograph. Many motorcycle club patches use a combination of the two, using ink and threads to create an eye-catching look.

The size of your patch is very important. For example, if you are creating a small patch to wear on the shoulder, you will want to keep the design simple, with fewer colors. Patches worn on the back of a jacket or vest should be larger, and the design can be more ornate. You will also need to know the type of backing you want.

Typically, men’s motorcycle patches are 12 inches while women’s are 9 inches. After you have created your design, add the height and the width of your patch together and then divide it by two. This will give you the approximate size needed to fill out our free quote form. To learn more about designing your biker patches, don’t hesitate to contact us today.