5 Ways to Use Custom Removable Patches

Removable Patches

Removable patches are a wonderful way to promote your club, brand, organization or to show off your creativity. Most patches are permanently affixed to a uniform, bag or jacket. With a removable pin patch, you can easily transfer the patch from any article of clothing to another. They come with one or two pins sewn into the back, allowing you to transfer the patch quickly without any damage. Keep reading to discover five creative ways you can use removable patches!

Removable Patches BusinessAdvertise Your Business

A custom-made patch is a proven way to advertise your business. They make your brand more recognizable every single time someone sees it. You will be able to easily transfer a pin patch from one article of clothing or bag to the next, ensuring that you always have your logo on display. It’s also perfect for employees who do not wear a uniform since they can apply it to their own clothes.

Removable Team PatchPromote Your Team or Club With Removable Patches

A team or club logo is very important. Whoever wears your logo is showing their pride and builds your brand image. Wear a removable patch on your sports uniform or hat to let everyone know about your team. Please note that we can’t create patches from copyright-protected or trademark designs.

Removable Patch for Style

Show Off Your Style

Artsy designs are fashionable, and you can wear them on anything. Show off your unique style by wearing a removable pin patch you designed on your denim jeans, jackets, shorts or shirts.

Removable Patches for Tote BagsTote Bags are Versatile

People use tote bags for work, school, or as a purse. There is no easier way to make a statement or promote your organization than attaching a removable pin patch to it. Even better, if you have multiple bags you can easily transfer the pin patch from one to the other. This means you won’t have to sew or iron on patches to every bag. Quick and easy!

Removable Pin Patch Hat

Wear a Patch on Your Hat

Placing a patch on your hat is an eye-catching way to promote your business, club or sports team. And what makes removable pin patches outstanding is you can change the pin from hat to hat for easy versatility.

Design Your Own Custom Removable Patches Today

Now that you have a few ideas for your own removable patches, get busy designing them! Contact American Patch today for a free quote and more information on making custom removable patches for you or your organization.