3 Ways to Use Embroidered Patches This Halloween

embroidered patches

The holiday season is quickly approaching and Halloween kicks it off in about a month! This year, why not incorporate some Halloween patches into your festivities? Here, our patch company shares three ways you can create your own embroidered patches and use them this holiday:

As Favors

Who doesn’t love getting new, colorful, beautifully made patches to add to their patch collection? If you’re throwing a Halloween party, create your own embroidered holiday patches to give out as favors. You can design your own jack-o-lanterns, witches, ghosts, haunted houses, bats, and more for some festive fun. Or you can simply design a patch that commemorates the event with the name of your party and the date. Give them out by themselves or put them in a little treat bag with some candy!

On Costumes

Embroidered patches can be a great way to add the finishing touch to a Halloween costume. With the ability to create your own deigns, the costume options are endless. Here are a few ideas from our patch company:

A ’90s guy/gal

Cover a denim jacket in smiley face patches, yin yang signs, hobby patches, and more. Then wear with your favorite denim jeans.

A baseball player

Come up with your own baseball team name and logo, then create patches for it. Attach your patches to a baseball tee and wear pinstripe pants to match.

King/Queen of cards

Create heart patches, diamond patches, club patches, or spade patches in various sizes and attach them to a sash, skirt, or cape. Finish with a crown.

A hippie

Create flower patches, rainbow patches, and patches like “peace” and “love” and attach them to a pair of bell-bottoms or a leather vest. Make sure you wear round colorful sunglasses!

Mall security

Design your own security patches for a movie or tv-show mall, then attach them to a white collared t-shirt and a black hat. Finish with black pants and a black tie.

A biker

Grab yourself a leather jacket, some leather pants, and some boots. Then, create biker patches of your choosing and attach them to your jacket.

For Decoration

Every Halloween party needs decorations, so why not include custom-made embroidered patches? Choose a color scheme and create festive holiday patches that incorporate your colors and the theme. Then, attach them to tablecloths or pillows, nestle them into spider webbing, hang them in your doorways, or string them along your mantle. There are plenty of ways to use embroidered patches for decoration!

At American Patch, we create our patches using the finest twills, threads, and backings available. Our embroidered patches are available in virtually any shape or size and include up to 8 colors at no additional charge. This Halloween, put a personal touch on your party or your costume with patches you’ve designed yourself! Get started today.