The World of Bullion Crests…

What They Are, How They’re Made, and More

If you’ve never heard of a bullion crest, you’ve probably at least seen one. These patches are essentially gold, silver, or gold and silver emblems that feature crests, vines, leaves, birds, or other decorative images to create a polished look. They can be used by a wide variety of clubs and organizations and at American Patch, we can create beautiful bullion crests for any reason.

How They’re Made

They’re created using a combination of gold and silver bullion wire that’s hand-stitched onto a (typically dark) fabric substrate. This gives them a definitively different look than regular embroidered patches. Instead of plain yarn or thread, their gold and silver wire creates an elegance to the patch and provides a regal way to express one’s affiliation with their organization.

Who Uses Them

Bullion crests can be used by anyone, however, some of the most common organizations to use them include:

  • Military Branches (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard)
  • Sports Clubs
  • Security Organizations (Police, Fire Services, Building Security, etc.)
  • Ancestry Clubs
  • Volunteer Organizations
  • Private Clubs
  • Fraternal Organizations
  • And more.

Where They’re Placed

Bullion crests are traditionally worn on a blazer jacket; the jacket along with the crest serves as a “members only” garment and can help define those in special clubs and organizations from those who aren’t part of the group. For a different (or more modern) look, these crests can also be worn on hats. No matter where a bullion crest is worn, it will show exclusivity and give the wearer an heir of

If you’re interested in your very own bullion crests, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’ll get you started so you have your very own stately patch to show off.