Why Large Patches Are Better Than Small Patches

Large Patches
At American Patch, we pride ourselves on manufacturing high-quality patches no matter what size they might be. However, large patches seem to have several distinct advantages.

They Have a Clearer Image

A big patch always requires more thread than a little one. This means that each of the individual threads in a large patch will stand out less and blend together more seamlessly, simply because there is a greater number of them. This allows the image they’re forming to appear more cohesive to the human eye. It’s similar to how the components of a thousand-piece puzzle merge better than the components of a ten-piece puzzle. Other good parallels would be a mosaic, or the pixels on a computer screen. Thread thickness isn’t a factor though because every patch made by American Patch, from the biggest to the smallest, is made from high quality threads and twills with the same dimensions.

They are More Visible

The larger something is, the easier it is to see. That might be rather obvious, but it’s worth keeping in mind. If you want patches that advertise a company logo or really show off your team spirit, then it’s probably best to go as big as possible. Small patches can fit almost anywhere, and you can squeeze more of them onto the same surface, but they won’t be nearly as noticeable.

They Contain More Legible Text

This detail is supported by the two previous points, but text deserves extra attention. There is a relative amount of leeway when it comes to sewing certain images. When it comes to words though, even a slight hiccup with one of the letters can drastically change or obscure the message. Substantial patches allow for a higher thread count and more space, which means there is far more precision when forming words. Also, choosing a larger size is particularly crucial if you want the text to be readable from a distance.

Patch Size Does Matter

American Patch offers flexible service and reasonable prices regarding a wide variety of different patches. Embroidered, woven, combination, dye sublimation patches, we do it all. We even offer luxurious bullion crests and blank patches that can be customized at the buyer’s discretion. It’s important to remember though, that American Patch can cannot produce patches involving copyrighted material. Check out our products page, FAQ, or one of the many other blog posts for additional info about these options and considerations. Place an order for custom patches today!