When We Say Cheap Patches, We Only Mean the Price

Cheap Patches

Everyone enjoys being part of a community. If you choose to create a customized patch for your group, you build a sense of community by recognizing the people you care about. When you order from American Patch & Emblem Company, you take a step into a world of your own creation. When we say we make cheap patches, don’t be fooled. We’re only talking about our great prices.

Affordable High-Quality Patches

Working together, we’ll make something special. Every year, American Patch creates thousands of patches, using hundreds of different threads and colors. We have a wide array of techniques that we use to create patches that are embroidered, woven, dye sublimated and more. What does that mean for you? It means we have more tools to use than our competition. If you think about an artist and his palette, we have more colors and brushes to work with. As a result? We can do more for you.

Any Size and Shape Patches

We believe that excellence deserves recognition. Send us your own design and we’ll do the rest. Not only do we have a wider palette of threads and materials, but we also have ways to custom-create nearly any shape, size, and design. Our so-called cheap patches are made of the highest quality materials available in the industry. Because we have so many techniques at our disposal, we can create patches that have a dimensionality to them that others can’t match. You can even incorporate different backgrounds and techniques to have a 3-D effect in your patches.

Combine traditional and modern craftsmanship to create one-of-a-kind patches. Many businesses, military groups, service troops, and community organizations may not realize how cheap patches can be. It’s a smart way to promote your event or business without spending a lot of money. Our high-quality patches can be placed on a variety of garments including jackets, hats, shirts, and more to create a sense of community within your group.

Low-Cost Way to Promote

It’s a great idea to promote an event or give recognition to your group without spending huge amounts of money. Many businesses and organizations can benefit from our premium patches.

  • Military organizations like Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard
  • First responders like firefighters, EMTs and police
  • Soccer teams and youth sports like baseball, basketball, and football
  • High school bands, sports teams, dance teams and choirs
  • Motorcycle clubs
  • Community festivals and events
  • Businesses can promote their company and products

Contact American Patch

Together, we will collaborate to create a customized work of art that is both economical and durable. We can create your high-quality patches with a fast turnaround time. Get a free quote today and discover the many ways we can help you make memories last.